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(nil): Andrew Floros (floros(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τρι 06 Μαΐ 1997 - 10:52:59 EEST

A young woman walks into a doctor's office complaining about a rash on her
chest. Upon examination, the doctor discovers the rash is in the shape of a
'Y'. The
doctor asks the woman if she can think of anything which might explain it.

"Well," the woman replies, "it could be my boyfriend. You see, he goes to
Yale and when we have sex he insists on wearing his letter sweater."

The doctor tells the woman to make her boyfriend take off the sweater before
they have sex. Later that same day another woman comes in with a rash on her
this one in the shape of an 'H'.

When questioned, the woman explains that her boyfriend goes to Harvard and
insists on wearing his letter sweater when they have sex. The doctor gives
the second
woman the same advice as the first and sends he on her way. Later yet
another woman comes into the office with a rash in the shape of an 'M'.

Before the woman can explain, the doctor exclaims, "I bet your boyfriend
goes to Michigan!"

A smile breaks across the woman's face as she exclaims, "No! My girlfriend
goes to Wesleyan!"
           Andrew Ch. Floros
  Electrical & Computer Engineer
     Wired Communications Lab.
                 Audio Team
      University of Patras, Hellas
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