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(nil): Athanasios Nenes (nenes(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 25 Ιουν 1997 - 20:45:20 EEST

> A man was digging in his garden, when his shovel hit a hard object
> buried in the earth, which revealed itself to be an old bottle sealed
>with a cork.The man wrenched the cork free, and, to his astonishment,
>there was a cloud of smoke and a clap of thunder. Standing before him was
>a genie.
> "As a reward for freeing me, I shall grant you three wishes," said
>the genie, "But understand, whatever you wish for, your most hated enemy
>shall receive twice over".
> The man's most hated enemy happened to be his next door neighbor,
> "Let's see. My first wish is...", he looked at his weather beaten
>bungalow, " live in a ten story luxury mansion."
> The genie clapped his hands and suddenly his minute shack
>transformed into the most beautiful house he had ever laid eyes on. He
>heard a cry of astonishment from next door and looked over to see Jones
>standing in the doorway of his new twenty story mansion.
> " Now I want fifty of the most beautiful women imaginable" said
>the man. There was a puff of smoke and his wish was granted. He was
>annoyed , however, to see Jones grinning and waving, surrounded by his own
>harem of 100 women, all twice as attractive.
> "What is your final wish, Master?" asked the genie.
> "I want to lose a testicle" said the man.

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