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Θέμα: Jokes in English

(nil): Michalis Pateromichelakis (mikepatt(@)
Ημερομηνία: Πεμ 03 Ιουλ 1997 - 23:45:28 EEST

Doctor to sexy female patient: What's the problem? She removes her
shirt. Doctor sees backward letter "P" on her chest. Doc: What happened?
She: My boyfriend and I made love last night. He wore a letter sweater.
He goes to Princeton. His letter pressed in my chest. Is there anything
you can do? Doctor gives her some salve to apply. Next patient comes in,
takes off her shirt. There's a backward letter "B" on her chest. Doctor:
What happened? She: Oh -- my boyfriend goes to Boston University. Next
woman comes in, removes her shirt, there's a letter "M" on her chest.
Doctor: Don't tell me -- you have a boyfriend who goes to the University
of Maryland. She: No, but I have a girlfriend who goes to Wisconsin
Inexperienced Guy In Brothel: I've never done this, what do you suggest?
Hooker: 69 is quite popular. They get in bed, she farts. She: Excuse me
sir, are you alright? He: Yes. It happens 2 more times. He: We better
stop, I can't take this 66 more times!

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