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(nil): Constantinos Dassios (cdassios+(@)
Ημερομηνία: Παρ 25 Ιουλ 1997 - 17:18:38 EEST

As upenthimisei kapoios upeuthinos ekei stin Patra
stous sundromites tis listas oti to antikeimeno
tis einai ta anekdota kai oxi i epilusi ton problimaton
pou exei o kathenas!


> From: Xourdakis Mixahl <xmic(@)>
> To: "Joke of the day ..." <jokes(@)>
> Subject: Windows Programming
> Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 09:13:17 +0300
> Anyone knows if there is a way to "catch" a DLL function call (including > API calls)
> That is , to force the system to call my function before calling the > hooked function .
> I know that Hook functions cannot do such a thing ( Or they can ??)
> Can a program be notified when a DLL is mapped into the address space of > a program?

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