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Θέμα: Top Ten Ways to Annoy Your Waiter/Waitress

(nil): C.A.Calcanis (cal2211n(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 04 Αυγ 1997 - 17:15:59 EEST

[10.] Make them sing the national anthem before presenting the food.
[9.] Sit in the no-smoking section and put a big stogey in your mouth, but
don't light it
[8.] Ask for ketchup when dessert arrives.
[7.] Order the soup de jour, then complain there are not enough jours in
[6.] Ask if the wine is fresh.
[5.] Ask them to run across the road and get you something cheaper.
[4.] Use the phrase "al dente" as often as possible, especially when asking
for the bill.
[3.] One word: charades
[2.] Tell them the ice cream you ordered is cold.
[1.] Keep beckoning them over and when they arrive ask for more time.

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