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Θέμα: Famous painting

(nil): Nikos Kakaviatos (docnik(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 01 Οκτ 1997 - 19:58:22 EEST

A man was a collector of paintings with the theme of the Bolshevik
Revolution. He had asked his friends to be on the lookout for such
paintings. So, one day he was told that in Petrograd, an ex KGB colonel had
for sale a painting titled "Lenin in Paris". He took the first Aeroflot
flight there and at 9 pm he knocks on the door of the seller.
"Do you have the painting "Lenin in Paris"? I want to buy it right now,
price is no object, I have to have this painting immediately" he said to the
"Sir", says the other man, "why don't you come in, have some tea, see the
painting, and if you like it, we will negotiate a price" .
Eager to get it, the prospective buyer went in the house and down the
basement, where there was a huge painting. To his surprise, after the dust
was removed, he saw a big guy with bushy eyebrows and a heavy mustache,
copulating vigorously with a beautiful woman!
But, he said, this is not Lenin.
Yes, said the owner, you are right. This is Stalin.
And the woman?
She is Lenin's wife.
And where is Lenin?
Ah, Lenin is in Paris!!!!!
Kalo mhna!
Nikos kakaviatos


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