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(nil): Katsifos Nikolaos (bakira(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 20 Οκτ 1997 - 19:56:11 EEST

A man was laying on a beach sunbathing in the nude. Suddenly he saw a very
little girl, about five years old and wearing a bright pink bathing suit
with a picture of a duck on it, approaching him. He felt embarrased that
such a small child would see him naked and put his newspaper over his crotch.

The little girl came up to him and asked him, "Mister, what do you got under
that newspaper?"

Feeling frantic, the man saw the picture of the duck on the girl's bathing
suit and had an inspiration. "Just a little bird," he said.

The girl walked away and the man fell asleep because the sun was so hot.

The next thing he knew, he woke up in a hospital bed, in intense pain.

"What happened?" he asked a nurse and a police officer who were in the room.

"We don't know," they said, and asked him the last thing he remembered. So
he told them about the little girl in the pink bathing suit with a duck on
it and falling asleep. The police officer left the room.

The next day, the cop came back into the hospital room, where the guy was
still laying in intense pain. "Well," the policeman said, "we found the
little girl. She told us that after you fell asleep, she decided to play
with your little bird. She played until it threw up on her, and then she got
so mad that she broke the bird's neck, cracked its eggs and set its nest on

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