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Θέμα: the bizz game

(nil): Mr. I. Litinas (i.litinas(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 03 Δεκ 1997 - 16:38:06 EET

A man goes to a doctor for the ears.
- Doctor look at this! Says the man as he starts unzipping his
- Wait a minute! Wait a minute!! Probably you need a doctor for
the urine diseases. An urologist.
He is on the 5th floor.
- No, no doctor I need you. Says the man and pulls his trousers
- But!... Maybe you are mistaken. Maybe you need the
sexologist! He is on the 9th floor.
- No doctor it is you that I want. Says the man and reveals his
penis which is red.
- Oh, I understand. You need a dermatologist. A doctor for your
skin. He is on the 2nd floor.
- No doctor I need you specifically.
- Well, tell me your problem then.
- Doctor a few friends of mine and I all bachelors we gather
from time to time and play the bizz game.
- What is the bizz game?
- We all put our penises on a table. One of us is holding a
stick and when he says "bizz" we have to pull out our penis
otherwise he hits it with the stick.
- So?
- I can't hear well the "bizz".


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