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Θέμα: WinSig (not a joke)

(nil): Michael Belivanakis (M.Belivanakis(@)
Ημερομηνία: Πεμ 19 Φεβ 1998 - 14:08:45 EET

By subscribing to a joke mailing list like this one it is possible to collect
tons of cool sayings and jokes within a matter of a few days.

For those of you who were wondering how to put all these jokes to good use,
here is an awesome cool little 32-bit Windows utility I have written which
will make the most out of the jokes you collect.

It can be used to append a randomly selected cool saying to every email
message you send, (like the one that appears at the bottom of this email of
mine,) or to switch among different signatures in email messages intended
towards different kinds of recipients. For example, you may want to include
the phrase 'nick the gamikoulas - the longest - the best - satisfaction
guaranteed' in every email message that you send to friends of yours, but
"Nikos Papatrexas - foo(@)" may be more appropriate in email messages
that you send to proffessors or business partners.

So, here it is.

michael(@), NOT TO THE JOKE LIST!

Michael Belivanakis SENA S.A. Byzantiou 2, 142-34 N. Ionia, Greece
michael(@) Tel: +30 1 27.19.710,11 Fax: 27-19-712

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

WinSig by Michael Belivanakis

WinSig is a utility for people who send a lot of email messages and want to include their own personalized text at the end of each email that they send. Winsig can be used for two different purposes:

1. If you regularly use two or more different signatures and want to switch signatures in different email messages.

2. If you want your signature to include a different randomly selected phrase every single time you send an email message.

This version of WinSig is kindof crude, so first of all you have to understand how it works. Please bear with me:

Although WinSig is a Windows application it cannot be run by doubleclicking on its icon because it does not have a window which stays open for you to work with. Instead, you invoke it via hotkey while you are working with your favourite email editor, it injects your signature in your text, and it goes away. WinSig only runs for a few milliseconds, unless you hold down Shift or Alt when it runs, in which case its copyright message will stay open for you to read until you release that key.

WinSig accepts (and always expects to find) a filename passed as a commandline parameter. WinSig reads your signature from that text file, does a few things with it that we will talk about later, copies it into the Windows Clipboard, and then tricks the currently running application into believing that the user has issued a 'paste' event. The result is that your signature appears within your favorite email editor at the point where the cursor was, just as if you had typed it in.

The text file that WinSig reads must be divided into paragraphs, where the definition of a paragraph is 'one or more nonempty lines followed by one or more empty lines'. (Note that a line containing a blank is a nonempty line.) WinSig always constructs your signature by taking the first paragraph from the file and appending to it one of the paragraphs that follow, selected at random.

Therefore, if you want your signature to be followed by a random phrase, just add phrases to the text file. If you are not interested in this feature of WinSig, and only intend to use WinSig as a means of switching between different signatures, then write each signature in a different text file and append no more paragraphs.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to install WinSig:

1. Create a new text document and write your signature in it.
2. Create a new shortcut on your desktop.
3. Set the shortcut to point to WinSig.exe and add the full path to your signature file as a command line parameter.
4. Enter the hotkey of your choice. Ctrl+Alt+F1 is a good choice.

If you intend to use WinSig for switching between different signatures, create another text document with your alternative signature text and repeat steps 2 through 4 above, using a different hotkey. If you intend to use WinSig for random signatures, add your random phrases to the text file. Remember that paragraphs must be separated by empty lines and that a line containing a blank character is NOT an empty line.

Known bugs:

WinSig will NOT work if your text file contains only one paragraph, so if you intend to use it for switching between signatures you must append an empty line and then a line containing a blank character to each signature file you want to use.

Have Fun!

Michael Belivanakis SENA S.A. Byzantiou 2, 142-34 N. Ionia, Greece
michael(@) Tel: +30 1 27.19.710,11 Fax: 27-19-712

Hello! I'm a signature virus. Join in the fun and copy me into yours!


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