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Eimaste oi kaluteroi erwtulloi tou kosmou kai gia tou logou to alh8es
apolauste prwtoselido ar8ro tou Windsor Star ths 4hs Febrouariou 1993:

By Marlene Orton/The Canadian Press

  Canadian men apparently have something to learn about romance and charm
and they won't take any medals for sex appeal either,a survey by a
leading publisher of romance novels indicates. The Canadians generally
got an unspectacular ranking along with men from France,Greece and 11
other countries in the latest "Romance Report" by 5,112 women on
questions about love,devotion and romance.
  Women from 14 countries were surveyed last year about their husbands or
significant others by the Toronto-based Harlequin Enterprices. The
results have been released in time for St. Valentine's Day.
  Canada for example,was ranked ninth by women who scored their men on
how well the word romance describes them. Greece and Australia came first.
On a scale of one to eleven,Canadians averaged 6.15.
  In the charming department,Canadian men averaged 6.93 -eight on the
list and tied with Hungary. But they scored fifth with 7.61 on sexy. Greeks
were ranked as the sexiest;the French were most charming.
  A similar survey of Hrlequin romance novel readers has been
conducted by the publishers for four years. The international
survey results may be less than scientific-no margin of errors is
listed-but romance readers are a powerful force around the world.
  Harlequin-owned by Torstar Corp.-estimates about 200 million
women in 100 countries by their books.
  In other areas,Canadians ranked sixth behind the first-place
Greeks and Hungarians on saying "I love you outside the bedroom.
Some 73% of Canadian men sometimes or frequrently told the women
who were surveyed "I love you" other than during lovemaking.
  THE SURVEY also showed:
* 71% frequently or sometimes took their Canadian mates or lovers
out for a special evening. Canada ranked third behind Greece and
* 51% prepared dinner for just the two of them;tied for for third
place with the British,behind the Greeks and Scandinavians.
* 43% knew their wife or lover's lingerie size;in seventh place.
* 67% knew their wife or lover's favorite flower;in third place.
Hungarians ranked tops here.
* 47% brought flowers;tied for eight place with Spain. The French
ranked highest.
  The surveyed were:
Zealand,Poland,Spain,Scandinavia,the U.K. and the U.S.


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