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Θέμα: EU surveys

(nil): Akis Karnouskos (akis(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 06 Απρ 1998 - 13:27:16 EEST

The EU has commissioned a sex survey, and sent an interviewer to
 interview a typical person from each country to identify national
  The interviewer starts in Germany, and picks a typical German :
  "Tell me, how many times a night do you have sex?"
  "Ach" says the German (it is easier to type a German accent than a
 Belgian one, so we will keep this guy in character!) " Zree times a
  "And what does your partner say to you in the morning"
  "She says 'Wunderbar!'
  Next the interviewer goes to France and interviews a typical
 Frenchman :
  "How many times a night do you have sex?"
  "Five times! Five times a night"
  "And what does your wife say in the morning?"
  "Magnifique! Magnifique!"
Then he goes to England to interview a typical Englishman. But he
gets lost and ends up in Yorkshire. So he interviews a Yorkshireman
  "How many times a night do you have sex?"
  "Ay lad, just the once"
  "And what does your wife say in the morning?"
  "Get off!"


An Englishman is abroad having a holiday in Belgium. When at home,
he goes to the barbers once a week, gets a haircut and a condom for the
While he is in Belgium, he goes into the barber for his weekly trim, and
asks for a condom for the weekend.
Sorry" says the barber (in perfect English, of course) "but we can only
  sell them in packets - EU regulations"
  "What size packets do you do then?"
  "Well, we have three sizes ; the five-pack, the seven-pack and the
  "Those seem odd sizes" says the man "Why those sizes?"
"Well, the five-pack, this is what we call the 'German' pack. So, one
for Monday, one for Tuesday, one for Wednesday, one for Thursday and
one for Friday"
  "Ok, what about the seven-pack"
"This is the French pack - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
 Friday, Saturday, Sunday"
  "Randy froggies. And the twelve-pack?"
  "This is known as the English pack"
  "Sounds good to me" says the man " I always knew we were the best"
  "Well" says the barber, "That's January, February, March....."


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