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Θέμα: Fw: Here is the evidence of "ridiculous claims" about N. Burns.

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To back up the previous one, forwarded to you, here is the evidence . . .

from me, no comments.

> From: Antonis Chrisohoides <gt1692c(@)>
> Subject: Here is the evidence of "ridiculous claims" about N. Burns.

> QUESTION: Yes, there was a bombing attack against Citibank in Greece,
> and the terrorist organization, 17 of November,
> claims responsibility with a statement today in the Greek press for this
> attack and other recent attacks against American
> companies. Do you have any comment?
> MR. RUBIN: Let me say that the United States condemns in the strongest
> possible terms the rocket attack against Citibank
> offices in Athens. This is the seventh such attack on an American firm
> since November. Our embassy is working closely
> with the Greek authorities in the hope that the perpetrators of this
> attack will be apprehended.
> (This is from the Official US State Dept. web page, Briefings Section)
> ...................................
> The suggestion that this attack is a response to claims made by
> Ambassador Burns about the danger to American
> companies, creating a dangerous business climate that needed to be
> addressed - not that it is a dangerous business
> climate, but this points it in that direction - is twisted and
> outrageous logic, which cannot possibly reflect the views of decent
> people.
> In general, the attacks on Ambassador Burns strike us as almost
> anti-democratic. I should point out that Greece is the
> cradle of democracy in the world; and one of the principles of democracy
> is that governments and people should be able to
> express their views freely. Discussions should be held, hopefully with
> the ability to discuss these issues and talk about them
> - good and better decisions are made. That's the Greek tradition of
> democracy that the United States looks up to, and has
> looked up to in its creation.
> These kinds of ridiculous claims that Ambassador Burns should not be
> stating what America's concerns are in public is
> genuinely anti-democratic.
> QUESTION: Have you made a formal protest to the Greek Government about
> the kinds of rhetorical attacks on Burns?
> MR. RUBIN: I think they're quite aware of how we feel about them.
> Ambassador Nick Burns is an able ambassador, as he
> was an able Spokesman, and I'm sure is ably informing the Greek
> Government about our views in this matter.
> QUESTION: Is the US Government satisfied with the statement for
> Ambassador Burns by the Foreign Minister of Greece,
> Theodore Pangalos, who defended the Ambassador?
> MR. RUBIN: Yes, we'd point out that the Greek Government has endorsed
> Ambassador Burns' right to speak. I'm merely
> pointing out that those who were challenging him are pursuing what is
> essentially an anti-democratic and, therefore, in our
> view, anti-Hellenic tradition.
> Boy, I tiptoed into the Greek-Turkey issue today.


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