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Θέμα: Ανέκδοτο

(nil): Paul Xenitidis (xeniti(@)
Ημερομηνία: Παρ 15 Μαΐ 1998 - 23:23:13 EEST

Περί ισότητας το ανέκδοτο (στα αγγλικά).

In a E.U feminist conferense in Brussels the women agree that
the work at home should be done 50-50 by women and men.

So they agree to declare that from their husband and to gather
after a while to discuss the results.

After some days the gather and Elisabeth the Engish woman says.
"John came one day from the pub and I told him: John enough is
enough. House works will be done 50-50 from you and me O.K.?
The first day I see nothing. The second day...nothing. The third
day, as I was making tea John said. May I help you with the sugar dear?
>From that day he is doing the work at home 50-50.

Then Michel from France said " Fred came at home I said to him that
he should the same. The fist day I see nothing the second day ...nothing

The third day as I preparing ragou Fred came I said "Can I put some
and I said O.K. "Can I put some pepper as well ?"
>From that moment any work was done 50-50 by me and him.

Then Helga from Germany said "Fritz came from the Factory a day. I told
him: Fritz House works..bla bla. The first day nothing. The second day
Nothing. The third day as I was cooking wurst he said "May I help you
with the dishes?" From that day everything was done 50-50 from me and

Then Maria from Greece said." Babis came from the coffee shop one day
and I told him: Babis, house works should be done 50-50 from you and
me O.K.?" The first day I see nothing. The second day I see nothing.
The third day I could see a little bit from my right eye!!!


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