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Θέμα: Lawyer & Salesman Jokes

(nil): George Anagnostopoulos (firefly(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 27 Μαΐ 1998 - 01:36:02 EEST

Two small boys, not yet old enough to be in school, were overheard
talking at the zoo one day.

"My name is Billy. What's yours?" asked the first boy.

"Tommy," replied the second.

"My Daddy's an accountant. What does your Daddy do for a living?"
asked Billy.

Tommy replied, "My Daddy's a lawyer."

"Honest?" asked Billy.

"No, just the regular kind", replied Tommy.

I'm sure you've all heard about the traveling salesman whose 
car became hopelessly stuck in a snow bank during a recent 
blizzard in North Dakota. 
It took him several hours to make it to the nearest farm house, 
but frozen half to death, he finally reached the front door and 
knocked on it.  A grizzled old farmer answered, and the 
salesman pleaded for a place to spend the nite.
"Why sure young fella, I can give ya a place to bunk." said the 
hospitable old man.  "But I ain't got no daughter for ya to sleep 
with, like ya always hear about in them thar jokes."
"Oh !" said the salesman.  Then thinking a moment or two said, 
"Just how far is it to the next house ?"
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