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Ημερομηνία: Δευ 01 Ιουν 1998 - 15:13:39 EEST

>>Read this Joke:
>>What Body Part Gets to Heaven First?
>>The story takes place in a Christian school. The
>>teacher asks the question, "What part of your body
>>gets to heven first?"
>>3 students raise their hand, Jenny, Jim, and
>>little Johnny in the back. The teacher things to
>>herself, "I dont want to call on Johnny cause he
>>will say something perverted."
>>So she picks on Jenny first who says, "I think
>>your head gets to heaven first cause you have to
>>be smart."
>>The teacher then calls on Jim who says, "I think
>>your heart gets to heaven first cause you gotta
>>have a good heart."
>>Finally Johnny is the only one with his hand up.
>>The teacher says to herself "Oh no, I gotta pick
>>She picks him and he says, "I think your feet get
>>to heaven first."
>>The relieved teacher asks him, "Why on earth do
>>you think your feet get to heaven first?"
>>Johnny says, "Cause I walked into my Mom and Dad's
>>room last night and my mom's feet were straight up
>>in the air and she was sayin 'Oh God I'm
>>Pass this on...
>>**what will happen**
>>0: You'll never get sex
>>1-5: You'll get cyber sex
>>6-10: You'll get phone sex
>>11-15: You'll get oral sex
>>15-up: you'll get the real thing(knock the boots, funky monkey, toss
>>salad, the wild thing...)


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