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Θέμα: That's my boy!!!

(nil): Joanna Katerelos (Joanna_Katerelos(@)
Ημερομηνία: Παρ 12 Ιουν 1998 - 23:56:12 EEST

> Subject: That's my boy!!!
> Four men went golfing together one day: three headed for the
> first tee while the other went inside to pay the bill. The three
> men started talking, bragging about their sons. The first man
> told the others, "My son is a home builder and he is so
> successful he gave a friend a new home - for free!"
> The second man said, "My son was a car salesman and now he owns
> a multi-line dealership. He's so successful that he gave a
> friend two Cadillacs." The third man not to be outdone, said
> "My son is a stock broker and he is doing so well he gave a
> friend an entire stock portfolio."
> The fourth man had finally joined them on the tee after paying the > bill. The
> first man mentioned that they were talking about their sons and asked, > "How is your boy doing?"
> The fourth man rather sheepishly replied, "Well, I'm not too
> proud to say that my son is gay, but he must be doing something
> good - his last three boyfriends gave him a house, two
> Cadillacs, and a stock portfolio."


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