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Ημερομηνία: Δευ 24 Αυγ 1998 - 12:11:01 EEST

1.) Patient: Doctor, you must help me. I'm under such a lot of
stress, I keep
   losing my temper with people.
Doctor: Tell me about your problem.
Patient: I just did, didn't I, you stupid bastard!!!!!

2.) Woman: Doctor, my husband tells me my pussy's too big. So I'd
like you to tell
   me if you find it unusual.
Doctor: Please, take off your clothes and I'll have you examined.
Doctor (shouting): What a giant pussy!! What a giant pussy!!
Woman (angry): Did you have to say it twice?!?
Doctor: I didn't.

3.) Patient: Doctor, ya gotta help me. Every time I sneeze, I have
an orgasm.
Doctor: Really! What are you taking for it?
Patient (with a grin): Black pepper!

4.) !"An extremely old man visits his doctor and tells him, "I need my
sex drive
   The doctor, incredulous, says, "What?? You want your sex drive
   To which the old man replies, "It's all in my head; I need it LOWERED


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