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Θέμα: Jotd....Santa=Satan?

(nil): Patroklos (patro1(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 01 Φεβ 1999 - 02:35:03 EET

Agapiti lista!
Exo basime ipopsies oti o Satanas einai to idio prosopo me ton Ai Bill!

1. Santa is an anagram of Satan.
2. Both like to live in extremes of temperature (Santa at the North Pole,
Satan in Hell's eternal fire and brimstone)
3. Both know whether you have been naughty or nice
4. If you're bad, Santa gives you a lump of coal, Satan make you sit on
burning coal.
5. Satan has his horned minions and helpers, Santa has his reindeer and
6. Both appear dressed in red.
7. Santa is known as Saint Nick, Satan is known as Old Nick.
8. Both exist in ancient legends from many cultures.
9. Santa is real .... so is Satan.
10. Both try to attract young children to them, Santa with presents, Satan
with promises of wicked fun.

Till next time

kai ziste tin zoi entona!


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