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Θέμα: Ανεκδοτάκι!!!

(nil): Katerina Megalou (katerina(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τρι 09 Φεβ 1999 - 20:20:11 EET

Γειά σε όλους,
Σας στέλνω ένα ανεκδοτάκι (για να μη φωνάζετε) και ένα mail που έλαβα
σχετικά με ένα νέο virus.

4 ποντιοι πηγαινουν μπουρδελοτσαρκα με το αυτοκινητο. Βλεπουν σε
καποια φαση μια καλη και την πλησιαζουν:
   - Ποσο παει κουκλα?
   - Μπροστα 10,000 δραχμες, πισω 20,000, τους απανταει αυτη.
Οποτε ανοιγει το πισω παραθυρο και ακουγεται μια φωνη:
   - Γιατι εμεις εδω πισω μαλακες ειμαστε?


Some users have recently been infected with a virus that seems to
cause serious networking problems. It comes in the form of an email
with a file attachment which claims to be an "upgrade" to Microsoft's
Internet Explorer. Please read the following description of the

If you receive an email with the subject line of: "Please upgrade your
Internet Explorer"
sender: IEsupport(@)
Delivery: Random end users are recieving the message via Blind Carbon
To: <>
cc: (bcc: whoever/SYBASE)

We have not determined yet who is getting the message and who is not.


The text of the message reads:

     Dear Sir/Madam
As an user of the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Corporation
provides you with this upgrade for your web browser.
It will fix some bugs found in your Internet Explorer. To install the
upgrade, please save the attached file (ie0199.exe) in some folder and
run it.

For more information, please visit our web site at

(the file is attached)



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