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2 pragmatakia gia na kleisw kai na mhn enoxlw kai tous allous:
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2) Exoume steilei spam e-mail paliotera kai se 2 hmeres htan pisw se emas me
620 e-mail addresses diaforwn 'e3upnakhdwn' pou to pistepsan. Opote 'been
there, done that, bought the t-shirt' kollhte...
Akis S.

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>>kai ena epipedo emeis oi hli8ioi edomesa...
>> ...Makis

Kai ena anekdotaki. Sorry pou einai sta Agglika:

Two men were golfing one summer day. As one is about to step up on the
18th green and attempt a putt, they notice a funeral procession drive by
on the nearby road. The golfer steps back form his putt, removes his hat,
and bows his head to show respect for the deceased. After the processions
has passed, he replaces his cap and sinks his putt. His playing partner
is impressed by this show of respect, and makes a note to mention it.

Afterwards, as the golfers relax in the clubhouse with a drink while
they total the day's scores, the second golfer mentions the events on
the 18tgh hole. "You know, Fred, that was a very decent thing you did,
showing respect like that. I was touched."

Fred simply shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Well, it was the least I
could do...after all, I was married to her for nearly 40 years."


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