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Θέμα: Einai kalytero

(nil): Fragiskos Lemonis (flem(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 17 Μαρ 1999 - 13:57:25 EET

Kai ena anekdoto kompsotero tou prohgoumenou

Little Jack is in school and the teacher says to all the children:
- Tomorrow I want each of you to tell me the name of a
  composed colour... and I don't want repeated ones !!
Little Jach is a very bad student and he goes home with that big
He asks his father to help him with his "homework".
- It's very easy, Jackie !! Your colour will be: fuchsia-pink!
  No other kid will think of that colour !! - says dad.
Little Jack sits for dinner repeating that name to himself so that he
forget it: "fuchsia-pink! fuchsia-pink! fuchsia-pink!"
He goes to bed still repeating it until he falls asleep:
The next morning first thing is to go repeating it, at breakfast,
on the bus to the school, on the bench: "fuchsia-pink!"
Finally the teacher begins the class:
- Well, let's hear what you have brought to me ! Bob, what's the
  composed colour you've thought of ?
- Navy-blue !
- All right ! And you, Mary ?
- Rosebud-red !!
- Good ! And you, Leroy ? - the teacher asks to the little
  negro boy.
- Fuchsia-pink !!
Little Jack has a thrill on his spine.
- And you , Jack ?
- Fuckin'-black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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