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Θέμα: Greek students in the UK

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Ημερομηνία: Παρ 19 Μαρ 1999 - 01:56:12 EET

Kai meta apo mia mikrh logomaxia me thn filh mou thn
Gianna Pappa, stelnw ena mikro "Odhgo Epityxias gia
Ellhnes Foithtes sthn Agglia" (einai efarmosimos kai
se alles xwres).
Emena eidika mou aresei to 41.



1. Wear clothes of two colors: black or white.
2. Own a mobile phone and use it at inappropriate times and places
   restaurants, cafes, lectures, dates.
3. Own a mobile phone and make sure its stood up in full view on the
   table when you are having your 'cafe'.
4. Keep checking your mobile for calls even if nobody has called
5. Refer to anyone who's not Greek as "xeni" and pity them for not
   being as cultured and sophisticated as the Greeks.
6. Have predominantly Greek friends, with a few token "xeni" thrown
   in for diversity. Talk Greek when the "xeni" are around.
7. Dress as though you are headed for a club when you're actually
   going to your lectures.
8. If you are a Greek woman, stare menacingly at other women around you,

   especially if they're English or more attractive than you.
9. Smoke as if it were your last day on earth...and smoke only
10.Travel only in groups of 10 or more & be as loud as possible at all
11.If you own a car, think you are the coolest guy in town and cruise
   around all day even if you own a B reg. Yugo.
12.If you own a Nissan Bluebird, swear at anyone that thinks you are a
   Pakistani taxi driver.
13.If you're single, go to all Greek college/club parties and all Greek
   Youth conferences, even if you're 45 years old.
14.When you go to Greek parties, greet everyone ecstatically with hugs
   and kisses even if you have seen them that morning.
15.If you're a single Greek guy, tell 'agglides' you're a "successful
   businessman" or that you "own a successful business back in Greece"
   even if you're an unemployed goat farmer.
16.When in a nightclub, stand and bob your head even if everyone around
   you is frantically dancing away to 'Staying Alive'
17.Dance away like you've been hit by 1000volts when your favourite
   house tune comes on, and hit everyone around you with your swinging
18.Call all dance music 'rave'.
19.Wear only "designer" labels-even if you buy them off a cart on a
   sidewalk in Soho.
20.Make sure "designer" labels are extremely visible, preferably
   embroidered on the front of the apparel.
21.If you're a Greek guy, be indifferent and rude to any woman you're
   interested in dating, especially if she's Greek.
22.If you're a Greek guy, date 'agglides' because Greek women won't let
   you near their knickers unless you marry them.
23.If you're a Greek woman, don't have sex with anyone during your
   student life because you're worried what everybody else will think.
24.Wear a leather jacket at ALL times...even in the summer.
25.Guys: if you have hair, get it cut every week and use at least 3
   different styling products; if you're bald, develop a big ego to mask

   your insecurity. (Applicable to short men also.)
26.If you are a Greek woman, dye your hair an obviously fake shade of
   blonde that is nonexistent in nature and swear that it's natural.
27.Make the coffee shop your second home.
28.Live in London and think the rest of the Greeks in England are
29.Beer must only be drunk from bottles of Becks or Budweiser.
30.Go to none of your lectures but still manage to pass your year.
31.Don't do a project unless you can copy it from a friend of yours in
   the year above, even if it is a 50 word essay.
32.Study one of these two subjects : Engineering,
   Business/ Economics
30.Go out with 'agglides' because it seems like all the Greek women that

   come to England look like you grandmother's ass.
31.Smoke dope because you know you won't get arrested for it.
32.Whenever you break the law, pretend you don't speak English and hope
   they let you of.
33.For example: never ever buy a TV license!
34.Bring around 5000 duty free cigaretes with you every time you come
   back from Greece.
35.Smoke them all in a week.
36.If you live in London call yourself a 'Londrezos.'
   If you live in Birmingham call yourself a 'Broomis'
   If you live in Manchester call yourself a 'Manchesterianos
   If you live in Liverpool call yourself a 'Liverpooleos'
   If you live in Cardiff call yourself a 'sheep shagging Welsh bastard'

   If you live in Sheffield call yourself a 'Sefildakias'
   If you live in Aberdeen call yourself 'stou dialou ti mana'
37.Study 'Greek style' by failing your first year twice and your second
   year three times so that you can be a student for ten years.
38.Spend the whole of your university life within one mile of your
   University campus and never go and visit places in England.
39.Spend £400 a month on calls to Greece and still have enough money to
   go to the 'boozookia'
40.Chat up all the women in the club but settle for the fat, ugly 45
   year old because you have 'ouzo' goggles.
41.And finally: Have sex with 2 'patsoures' in your 5 years in
   England and tell everyone back home that they are all 'mounares'
   and you shagged a different one every weekend.


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