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Θέμα: Oxi anekdoto, alla poly simantiko!!!!!

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Ημερομηνία: Δευ 22 Μαρ 1999 - 15:32:58 EET

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Date: AlooYna, 22 Eano?do 1999 3:55 ee
Subject: Re: Fwd: True Story

>dol(@) wrote:
>> >>True Story. One incident is in S'pore.
>> >
>> >>on 10/03/99 03:13 PM ---------------------------
>> >>
>> >>Please check your chairs when going to the movie theaters. An incident
>> >>occurred when a friend's co-worker went to sit in a chair and something
>> >>was poking her. She then got up and found that it was a needle with a
>> >>little note at the end. It said "Welcome to the real world, you're HIV
>> >>Positive."
>> >>
>> >>Doctors tested the needle and it was HIV+. We don't know which THEATER
>> >>this happened at, but it happened here in Hawaii. Be cautious when
>> >>going to the movies.
>> >>
>> >>Dear friends,
>> >>
>> >>I don't know if you have heard about this but I am
>> >>shocked that this is really happening in Singapore. Well, my uncle
>> >>called last week to especially warn us on this. By the way, he is
>> >>heading the Jurong Branch Police Station, his name is Tan Kim Leng, if
>> >>you watch the news, you probably would have seen him on TV.
>> >>
>> >>According to him,recently many people were reported sick (diseases like
>> >>Hepatitis B, Aids, etc.) after being poked by a needle, what happened
>> >>is this. Some cruel, sickening people would place an infected needle or
>> >>pin inside the little compartment of the public telephone where you
>> >>get the return change, (the opening with a flipping metal door where
>> >you
>> >>put your fingers in to get back your remaining coins after you used the
>> >>public phone) and this is how you get in touch with the needle and you
>> >>get infected. Many cases had been reported, I mean many severe cases.
>> >>
>> >>Quite a number of the employee of Telecom (those who went round to
>> >>collect the coins in the public phones were infected too). As far as
>> >>we know, it has not been announced publicly, but my uncle says very
>> >>soon they would. Just be more careful if you really need to use the
>> >public
>> >>phones, you may use, but insert the exact amount, otherwise, just
>> >>forego the 10 cents or twenty cents, I'm sure your life worth much
>> >more
>> >>than these.
>> >>
>> >>Remember to spread this piece of information to as many people as
>> >possible,
>> >>especially to your children and the elderly at home. I receive this
>> >mail
>> >>from Han Lim, so be careful when u go to enjoy nowaday.
>> >>
>> >>(Forwarded by Thomas.)
>> >>Yours faithfully,
>> >>Lee Kok Jiunn
>> >>ICQ 3226347
>> >
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