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Θέμα: Let's Bomb Turkey (San Fran. Chr. editorial)

(nil): Onic V. Palandjian (onic(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 07 Απρ 1999 - 17:07:02 EEST

The San Francisco Chronicle APRIL 5, 1999, MONDAY,



 OUR LEADERS say we must keep on bombing Kosovo to save the Kosovars
 from being killed by the Serbs instead. People of good will can't
 help but applaud our humanitarian efforts, but I think we should stop
 bombing Kosovo and start bombing Turkey.

 The Serbs may have been kicking the Kosovars around lately, but
 Turkey has been oppressing the Kurds for nigh on 80 years. True, the
 Turks may not have slaughtered as many innocent citizens in recent
 weeks as the Serbs have, but over the years the Turks have built up a
 pretty darned impressive record of executing dissidents, burning
 villages and driving peasants into exile.

 Some will say that we can't stand idly by while 2 million Kosovars
 are being hounded by the evil Serbs. Nonsense, we are very good at
 standing idly by. Look how idly we stood by when the Hutus were
 hacking to death 800,000 Rwandans. Of course the Rwandans were not
 only black, but had no oil fields to speak of.

 Instead of bombing Kosovo in the humanitarian spirit, I say we should
 make diplomatic protests to Belgrade. Diplomatic protests worked just
 as well in punishing oppressors in China, South Africa and Latin
 America as did our bombs in Vietnam, Libya and Iraq. From all
 accounts, all our bombs have accomplished so far in Kosovo is to
 drive the Serbians into committing more and more atrocities.

 But if we must bomb someone to save our national honor, I say we
 should bomb Turkey. First of all, great big Turkey is easier to hit
 than tiny little Kosovo. Second, there are 25 million Kurds to save
 with our bombs -- more than ten times the number of persecuted

 To be sure, there are a few obstacles to bombing Turkey. For one
 thing, she's our staunch NATO ally. That means the Kurds who are
 fighting for freedom are not freedom fighters. Our State Department
 has officially labeled them as terrorists and rightly so. As you
 know, a freedom fighter is fighting for independence from someone we
 don't like; a terrorist is fighting for independence from someone we

 So the Kurds are official terrorists, and we certainly can't engage
 in a humanitarian bombing campaign in favor of terrorists.

 What about China? China is no friend of ours. Therefore, those
 fighting for freedom in China are freedom fighters, not terrorists.
 But China is awfully big, and it has nuclear missiles, too. There's
 no sense getting carried away by our humanitarian feelings.

 Then we have East Timor. The inhabitants declared the Democratic
 Republic of East Timor in 1975, and the Indonesians have been
 kicking them around ever since. As I recall, though, the Indonesians
 are our pals these days, so the East Timorians may well be
 terrorists. Anyway, "Democratic Republic" sounds vaguely communistic,
 and we certainly don't want to waste our vast arsenal of
 humanitarianism on a bunch of commies.

 Sri Lanka's a likely candidate. The Sri Lankans have been butchering
 the rebel Tamil Tigers for years. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who's
 on our side. But what about the Congo? Or Burkina Faso? Or maybe . .

 Anyway, there are oppressed people all over the world who deserve
 our humanitarian bombs. So what have the Kosovars done to merit our
 magnanimous concern?


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