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Ημερομηνία: Πεμ 22 Απρ 1999 - 11:24:30 EEST


"Three is not a crowd"

Most men have fantasies about going to bed with two women, but for
many of us it is just that, a fantasy. My wife and I had always had
excellent sex, though I never quite could get in the mood during the
week. It was usually on the weekend when I was relieved of the
stress of running my own business.

I remember the conversation in particular, we were driving down the
road and feeling really relaxed after having a "Nooner". Christy,
my wife, asked me if I ever fantasized about other women and what my
deepest fantasy was. I was startled by her question, but felt
compelled to answer, since I instantly knew what that answer would
be. I told her that I had always wanted to have sex with her and
another woman, particularly her friend Cindy. I had jerked off to
the thought of fucking Cindy, many times before. Christy was not
surprised and seemed to be somewhat excited as I talked of how
another women together with us, would be a dream come true for me.

Cindy was a year younger and had been a great friend of ours for
about ten years. She was a brunette around 5' 7" and had beautiful
brown eyes and full lips. Her body was firm and her ass and tits
were perfect in every way. She was one of these women that would
openly talk about sex and not feel embarrassed. We had been great
friends and spent many times in hot tubs together with her and her
husband Jerry. We had good times running around naked, but I had
never done anything much more than kiss her. Having this type of
friendship together, wanted me to not risk doing something that we
might all regret.

One weekend Cindy and Jerry, who I never really got along with, were
over at the house for a barbeque. We talked about all the things
people in there late twenties talk about, mortgages, stocks, kids
etc. We somehow got on the subject of life insurance, when Christy
and I had to both laugh. We had just increased our coverage on each
other, and in order to do so these days, we had to submit to an AIDS
test. We both passed and were happy to know that we were OK,
however we gave each other a ribbing while we waited for the
results. I knew I was safe and so did Christine, since we were both
virgins when we got married at 21. The thought of cheating on
Christine, was not an option for me, at least not without her
consent. However, the thought of having sex with her and her best
friend, turned me on.

Cindy seemed pretty interested in the testing and had mentioned that
she and Jerry, had taken the test and were happy that they had
passed as well. My ears perked up when she mentioned that, and all
kinds of lustful thoughts went through my mind. "Oh how I would
love to fuck the shit out of her", I said to myself. My cock rose
to the thought as well.

In the nineties you really have to watch yourself and the thought of
contracting AIDS is a great deterrent to extramarital sex. As the
night went on, Christy mentioned to Cindy that we were going to our
summer house on the beach. If she wasn't busy, she was welcome
visit us the next weekend. Christy thought she might enjoy some
quite time away from their kids. Our children were going to be at
my parents for the week as well. I was curious why Christy asked
her to go at a spur of the moment. The only thing I could think of
was that maybe Christy was still remembering the conversation we had
talked about the week before.

Jerry had said he was going fishing for the weekend. He asked me to
go, but the idea of drinking beer, farting around the campfire all
night and then getting up at 5 AM to sit in a boat, was not my idea
of fun. Besides, the thought of fucking his wife appealed to me
even more.

As the week continued, I couldn't concentrate on anything at work or
at home. Every morning, I got up and stroked my piss hard-on to the
thought of Cindy. The thought of her spending the weekend with us
just seemed to good to be true. Was this the time that I would
finally get to fulfill my deepest desires? How about Cindy's
dreams? Did she fantasize about me? Oh what the hell! this
weekend would be great just to be with her!

Christy made a wonderful dinner that evening and we plugged a video
in the VCR to help us unwind. I decided to rent "Basic Instinct",
that night. Some of her friends said their wives got hotter than
hell after watching the movie. Well they were right. About halfway
through the movie, Christy suggested to Cindy that they change into
their nightshirts and that I get into my sweats, so we would all be
much more comfortable. I thought this was a great idea, since I
still had my clothes on from work.

Cindy came out of our spare bedroom with her night shirt on. It
wasn't a big T-shirt that went down to her knees it was just a
normal length shirt. She wore just the T-shirt, with the UNLV logo,
and white cotton panties that showed the brown outline of her pussy
hair. I about shot my load when she walked out. Her tits were
peeking out of the shirt and her nipples were rock hard. I thought
I had died and gone to heaven. Son of a bitch, I thought, I almost
ran into the bathroom to shine the purple helmeted warrior.

Christy and Cindy sat on the couch, I had to lay on the floor to
suppress my cock from sticking straight up. Cindy sat with her legs
crossed Indian style, giving me the perfect view to her pussy. I
tried to watch the movie, but Cindy's pussy was so inviting, I
couldn't keep from staring at her. I had to look at her like I was
looking at the sun, one quick look, then look away before she
noticed. I knew she sat this way just to tease me.

"Basic Instinct" was over, and I think we were all lathered up
pretty well. I wasn't sure how to make the first move, but knew I
had to or the opportunity would be lost. I made sure to steer the
conversation to sexual scenes. We joked about various things like
group sex and threesomes, etc. I decided to ask Cindy what her
sexual fantasies were.

She said "I have always wondered what it would be like to
have sex with Jerry while someone else watched us"

I asked her if it had to be another man or a women watching and she
said "I would prefer it to be a woman, because a man would want to
join in".

"What about the woman?, you wouldn't mind if she joined
in?" I asked.

"Oh I don't know, I've never done anything with a woman before, I
think it sounds too wild for me", she said, smiling at Christine.

Cindy then looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes, and asked
me, "What kind of fantasies do you have?". By this time my cock was
so hard I could feel the pre cum starting to soil my shorts.

"Christy and I were just talking about this last week", I said. "My
deepest fantasy is to fuck you and Christy together". Cindy turned
red with embarrassment and Christy couldn't believe what I had just
said. No sense in "Beating around the bush", I thought.

"I have always fantasized about the both of you, however
we could never do that, could we?" Cindy said with a sheepish grin.

I said, "How did you fantasize about us?".

"Well just the usual, you know, uh! well, like you were fucking me
and Christy was playing with my nipples or something", Cindy said.

" Have you ever masturbated to the thought of us" I asked, figuring
this would be a true test of her willingness to have sex with us.

She replied "More times than I can count, I did it a couple nights
ago when Jerry was out with the boys" She seemed to be a bit
embarrassed admitting this, however I knew she was telling the

Looking at Christy to see her reaction, I said, "Christy and I have
discussed this last week and we think it would be great" Christy
said, "We could just have some fun with oral sex and not be
concerned with actually, well you know, fucking". I almost screamed
when Christy said that, however I didn't want to force anything upon
Cindy, well except my big cock. I wanted to make sure this was
something she would enjoy and not regret. Cindy seemed to get a bit
uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going. However, her
eyes said she was pretty excited.

Did I here Christy right? Did she say Cindy, her and me?. I
couldn't believe it, my dick was so hard by now, it was ready to
shoot a load. I jumped up off the couch, my dick standing at
attention and pulled out a video my friend had given me. "Rapture
Girls" was pretty hard core and every scene in the movie was filled
with everything from anal encounters to lesbians, to hard core three
ways. "Hey why don't we watch another movie?", I said, "it's
supposed to get us all off". I knew it would get us off, since I
had previewed the movie.

I fast forwarded to the three way scene that I saw when I watched
the movie the other night, jerking off while Christy was in bed. We
sat and watched the movie for a few minutes and the scenes of two
women licking each others pussies and using dildo's on each other,
got Cindy real excited. She started to rub her pussy with her
elbow, trying not to let Christy and I see. I got up from the floor
and decided to sit between the two of them at that point.

Cindy moved her legs farther apart and I could see that her panties
were getting soaked. Her beautiful brown pussy hairs, showed
through the wetness. I put my hand on her leg and started stroking
it softly. Her leg started getting goose pimples all over. I knew
at that point it was time to get things going. Leaning over the
couch, I turned the light out, so that only the glow of the TV lit
up the room.

Slowly I moved my hand to her pussy and lightly stroked the outside
of the cotton fabric. Her clit was getting bigger and I could feel
it through the soft material. Sensing that Cindy was getting hot
and bothered, I moved my hands to her belly and slowly moved my
hands underneath her shirt. Moving them to her tits I could feel
the softness of her skin and the hardness of her nipples. Her tits
were so soft, yet, firm. They felt like they hadn't aged since her
sixteenth birthday. Slipping my hand back between her soft belly
and panties, I gently massaged her pubic area with my hand. She
opened her legs for me, without hesitation, as I slipped my fingers
between her slippery cunt lips and massaged her love button. Her
breathing picked up as I stroked the folds of skin. Her pussy was
wet with her nectar, allowing my two fingers easy entrance to her
tunnel of love.

Christy started stroking my cock and she rubbed it just that way she
knew I would like it. The sound of the fuck film filled the room
and made us all filled with lust. Slowly massaging my cock, a drop
of pre cum glistened as she grabbed my manhood and tugged on the
circumcised tip. She massaged my balls, lightly. Christy was an
expert in "Jacking me off". A talent she developed after only a
couple of years of being married. As her hand brought me closer and
closer to an orgasm. Cindy kissed me deeply, then whispered in my
ear that she was looking forward to fucking my cock up her pussy. I
kissed her and told her she could count on it.

"I have a question for both of you", I said. "Do woman like to jerk
themselves off as much as men do?". Both Cindy and Christine
started getting a bit uncomfortable, I think woman don't like to
admit when they beat their Pud.

"Come on you can tell me the truth, hell men beat off at least once
every other day" I said. Christy's mouth about dropped open. "What
do you mean every other day, asshole!"

Laughing out loud I said, "Hell what do you think Porno movies are
made for? So guys have something to watch as they beat their meat.
You can't fuck your fist very well when you hold a magazine in your

Cindy started to laugh. "I used to watch my brother jerk off when
we were younger". "I would always flip him shit when he came out of
the bathroom after he was done". "I would ask him why he looked
like he just got laid", she chuckled.

Christy looked at me and said, "I've never seen a guy jerk off, I
mean I've stroked you with my hand, but never actually watched you
or anyone else do it".

"Hell, I've done it enough while your watching TV, strocking my huge
12 inch cock in the bathroom. I am surprised you never caught me", I

"12 inch cock?, don't let him fool you Cindy, he gets a little
carried away", Christy said with a smart ass smirk on her face.

By this time my dick was at full attention, as I moved and sat on
the floor. Cindy noticed this and said "Well if he doesn't have 12
inches in there, it sure looks close".

"Show her how your hung", Christy said. "You can't just talk
about what a big dick you have, then not back it up without proof"

"What, you want me to pull my cock out?. Bullshit, not unless I get
to see some pussy too!"

"Aw come on, just act like your sitting on the toilet, admiring your
little pee pee" Christy said.

That really pissed me off. I jumped up and pulled my pants and
Calvins to my knees. "Oh this little thing", I said as Cindy's eyes
zeroed in on my seven inch cock. Now I may be only about Seven
inches long, but I'm very thick. Cindy was a bit surprised.

"Come on show me how you beat yourself off" Christy yelled. I felt
like I was eight years old again, the time when a neighbor girl
danced for me without her panties on as I hung my dick out.

"I don't see any pussy in front of me, I need something to jerk off
to", I said.

Cindy didn't need any more encouragement than that. Slumping down
on the couch, she spread her legs and pulled her panty crotch to one
side, she gave me the best "I want to fuck you" smile I had ever
seen. Her pussy was beautiful, with dark brown hair and shaved from
her clit downward. Christine was a bit uncomfortable, but I looked
at her and gave her a reassuring smile that it was all right.

"Well come on now, let's see how a man fucks his own hand", Christy
said with a nervous giggle.

Slowley I started to move my right hand up and down my manhood.
It felt weird as hell, jerking myself off in front of my wife and
her best friend. Slowly I stroked it back and forth, building up
the tempo as I went. Cindy spread her legs farther apart as I
approached warp speed. Christy started rubbing her clit and the
sounds of us all breathing fast and shallow were the only sounds
filling the room. Feeling the pressure in my purple helmeted
warrior, I suddenly had a thought, "Where the hell was I going to

"Oh, you two have such beatiful cunts, so beautiful that they make
me want to blow my jiz onto your pussies", I said, thinking they
might get the hint that I wanted to unload my jiz on them. Bending
my knees slighly with my hips thrust forward, I stroked myself as
fast and pleasurable as I could. "Let me see you two beat your
puds, until you cum". By this time all three of us were practicing
self abuse. I wanted to cum, but I grabbed the base of my cock to
prevent a premature release of my love lotion.

Cindy, spreading her pussy lips with her left hand, fucked herself
with her fingers. Her clit was at full attention, as she focused
her index finger on her love button. The wetness of her
partially shaved snatch glistened as I watched her massage her clit,
then shove a finger, then two up her wet pussy. I wanted to slurp
that nasty cunt so bad. Every inch of my body tingled as I watched
her bring herself to an orgasm. Cindy was definatley an expert at
"pounding the pud". I hoped she had done this many times to the
thought of me fucking her silly. Her fingers worked her love button
with great intensity. Her middle and index finger started moving at
a rapid fire succession as she reached her orgasmic goal. "I'M
GOING TO CUM, OH SHIT, OH MY GOD!!!!!. At that moment Cindy, moving
her hips up, arched her back and let out a slight scream. Her hips
moved back and forth as she rubbed her pussy to finish the job.
Relaxing she slouched back into the couch, her legs still spread

The wetness of Cindy's pussy was all I could take. Not being able
to hold back, I moved closer to Cindy and whacked my dick as fast an
furiously as I did when I was alone. Cindy knew what I had plannned
and pulled her panties as far to the right as she could. "Cum on my
pussy with your big dick", she said, her pussy as sloppy as ever.
Forgetting that Christy was even there, I tugged on my balls as the
"Salty Semen" welled up inside. Pinching the tip of my dick
slightly, I held the cum back for a split second. WHOOSH! my dick
let loose, splattering cum all over Cindy's freshly shaved pussy
lips and pubic hair. Spurt after spurt came out as Cindy rubbed my
cum all over her cunt. Her pussy and belly were wet with jizm.
Reaching down and grabbing my dick, Christy cleaned and sucked the
remaining gift from my balls. I couldn't beleive how much I
unloaded on her. Peter North would have been proud.

After a few minutes of kissing Cindy and Christy sucking my dick, I
looked at Cindy and asked if she ever wanted to taste another woman.
She said yes, very much so and very badly. Christi's eyes lit up at
the thought of Cindy giving her "Head". Christy leaned back, as
Cindy got between her gorgeous and shapely legs. Arching her back,
Cindy slowly ran a finger around Christy's cunt lips. Darting her
tongue back and forth as Christy shuddered, she slowly moved her
fingers up Christy's pussy, then two, then three. Her tongue
flicked on her cunt lips while her fingers furiously fucked her
cunt. Licking and sucking on her they way I hoped she would, seemed
to make them both forget I was there.

I moved behind Cindy, her ass was high in the air. Her legs were
spread to give me a perfect view of a sopping wet pussy, underneath
the white cotton panties. She could feel my presence behind her,
then my breath on her skin. I slowly ran my hands over her ass and
up and down her inner thighs. Sweet nectar, soaking my hand, she
took my hand up between her legs and into her crotch and I massaged
my way into her slit.

I slowly pulled her pussy soaked panties aside and began running the
tip of my tongue around her brown pussy hair. Spreading her pussy
lips, I dove in like a dog in heat. Her juices flowing, I used them
to lubricate her asshole with my tongue. She shuddered and it felt
like she came, yet I knew it was too early. Cindy had all but
stopped licking Christy, but I could see her hands on her tits and
nipples. She was pulling them harder now. I raised one leg at a
time and removed her panties completely and while continuing to lick
her asshole began fingering her pussy. spreading her knees a little
more and standing up behind her. I turned her head so she could see
me. My cock was very big and erect, again. I moved closer and
began just running the head of it against her pussy that was now
soaking wet with her love juices. The heat of my meat felt
fantastic. I didn't attempt any penetration with it, just massaged
her juicy folds of love. I ran it all the way through her slit then
up to her ass and back down. The big head was now getting covered
with her liquid offering (actually it was flowing all the way down
to her knees and onto the floor).

 Not being able to control my urges, I gently began to penetrate
Cindy very, very slowly, I wanted this moment to last forever. She
couldn't wait any longer and thrust her pulsating pussy onto my
cock, it was all I could do to hold back. She starting thrusting
harder and harder and told Christy to spread her legs wider so she
could lick her sopping cunt. Christy went wild with pleasure and I
couldn't believe that she actually let Cindy eat her pussy. She
always said that the thought of two woman together was sick.

Cindy took her hand and shoved two fingers up Christy's pussy.
Christy moaned and withered as Cindy fingered her pussy and licked
her clit. I fucked Cindy to the rhythm and sounds of the movie. I
think Cindy and Christy were getting more excitement out of this new
found sex than I was. I decided to pull out and watch as the two of
them went to new heights of pleasure. It wasn't long before Cindy
changed position and straddled Christy's face, lowering her brown
pussy onto her lips. Cindy slid down, kissing her way down
Christy's body until she came to her destination. Christy was
rocking her hips up and down, her slit glistening with her wetness.
Cindy licked the length of Christy's pussy, tasting her sweet cream.
Cindy dove in, licking and sucking Christy's pussy, pulling her
labia, sucking them into her mouth. What a beautiful sight, two
woman going down on each other, I thought. It sure beats the hell
out of drinking beer and cleaning stinky fish, I laughed to myself.

I watched as Cindy ate Christy's pussy, feeling Christy's excitement
in the way she licked and sucked Cindy. After several long minutes,
Cindy raised her head and looked at me, her chin was slick with
Christy's juices, her eyes sparkling. Cindy licked her cream
covered lips. "Want to switch? She's so delicious!" Cindy said
softly. I nodded and looked at my hard on and asked Cindy if she
would suck my dick afterward. Cindy gave me a sensuous smile and
nodded. I whispered in her ear "will you suck me until I come in
your mouth?" Cindy Said, "I'll suck you until your dick is empty"
Wow I thought, Christy would never let me come in her mouth.

I started immediately on Christy's cunt, which Cindy had prepped for
me. Her pussy was so wet, it was soaking the floor with her jiz. I
licked as fast as I could and spread her lips as far apart as I
could stretch them, licking the inner sanctum of her womanhood. Her
clit was standing at attention for me and I nibbled on it for a
while. Christy was starting to cum, moaning louder and louder until
she cried out. "Oh! OH! OH!! YES! Make me! Make me cum! OH!
OH! OH GOD YESSS!" I could sense that Christy was getting close to
an orgasm and took two fingers and massaged the inside of her pussy
and took another finger and slowly shoved it up her tight ass.
Christy's legs squeezed my head tight and she arched back, her hands
cupping her tits, squeezing them hard just behind her nipples.
Cindy could hear the wet slurping smacks that I made, sucking on
Christy's quivering cunt. Christy began shaking and an explosion of
juices came running out. I kept licking up the juice as she slowly
relaxed. Then suddenly she pulled away, rolling onto her side,
cupping her pussy and twitching several times. My face was soaking
wet, from nose to chin. The smell of pussy was on my smiling face.

I looked over at Cindy and she was in her own little orgasmic world.
By this time, her legs were spread wide open, her fingers up her hot
little partially shaved slit. I sat there and watched as she got
herself off, not knowing that I was watching her. I took advantage
of the situation, pulling her hand away from her pussy. I moved her
hand to her mouth and had her lick the flowing juices from her
fingers. Taking my hand, I gave her two fingers in her pussy just
like I did to Christy and started sucking on her drenched hole. I
licked her asshole and then her pussy and shoved a finger slowly up
her tight pink little ass . Her pussy tightened along with her
asshole and Cindy's voice went high pitched, then almost inaudible
as she came, her body shuddered once, squeezing out a thick drop of
her cum into my mouth. She shuddered again, this time her pussy
spasmed and the cream flowing out of her cunt, went onto the floor.

I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under Cindy's ass to help raise it
up. I pulled her legs apart so her feet were straight up in the air
and slid my cock up her still quivering pussy. She moaned with
pleasure and she starting fucking my cock furiously. Her juices
soaked the pillow as I buried my manhood as far as she could take
it. I grabbed her hand and pulled it to her pussy and had her rub
her clit. There was no hesitation on her part and her fingers
worked her clit until I could feel the wave of her orgasm coming
again. She clenched my cock with her pussy, and I fucked as fast as
I could. She let out a scream and exploded on my cock. Her body
relaxing, All this wetness allowed me to fuck fast and furiously.
Cindy seemed almost breathless as I kept up the pace.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I was ready to give her a "Gift".
Moving to her tits, I put my cock between them and fucked her fast
as she licked the tip of my dick. The taste of her own cum was all
over my cock. Slowly I moved to here mouth, and offered her my
manhood. With no hesitation she took my cock, wrapping her tongue
around the tip and stroked my shaft fast and furiously. I lasted
maybe another five seconds, I couldn't hold back. I pulled my cock
out slightly as she opened her mouth. Her tongue waiting for my
liquid, I unloaded my jism onto her tongue and lips. Cum spurting
all over her mouth and beatiful red lips, I grabbed the back of her
head I moved my cock all the way into her mouth. She eagerly
swallowed and kept sucking to make sure she got every drop. My dick
head was so hot and sensitive. It hurt so good as she rolled her
tongue along the head. Pulling my manhood out of her mouth, I
kissed her on the cheek. I whispered in her ear, "thank you". She
smiled and said "Your welcome, anytime". I just smiled.

We all fell asleep on the floor, our bodies drained of our sexual
energy. I remember falling asleep between them and felt the warmth
of their naked bodies against mine. Later that evening I woke up
cold and went into our bedroom to get a blanket to cover us all up.
When I got back, I looked at Cindy's beautiful body, her tits were
so perfect and her pussy was getting me hard again. I thought to
myself that I wanted to remember the way she looked, laying there

Being an avid photographer a lustful thought crossed my mind. The
lights were still on in the room and would provide me just enough
light to get a few pictures. No!, I thought to myself, she would
never forgive me if she found out. I laid there for a while, then
thought that maybe one or two pictures wouldn't hurt. Besides she
is sound asleep and it won't be daylight for another four hours.

My dick was thinking for me by this time and I crept into the closet
and grabbed my Nikon FE. I had 15 exposures left on the roll, with
the autowinder I could get quite a few pictures quickly. I pulled
the blanket off of Cindy and looked for the best angle to take the
picture. She laid there in a fetal position, I lightly touched her
hips and moved her so that she lay on her back. Her body was laid
before me in all its beauty. Her skin was soft to the touch, she
had a beautiful set of 36C tits. I never cared for big tits, to me
hers were the perfect size. Her pussy was so beautiful, her brown
cunt hairs looked soft, with her legs slightly apart her pussy lips
barley jutting out. I almost dove in, her pussy was so inviting to
me again!

I stood above Cindy, taking all fifteen pictures within two minutes.
Stopping only to spread her legs farther to get about five close- up
shots of her beautiful cunt. I put the camera back and crawled next
to Christy and Cindy and smiled as I knew I had captured my wildest
fantasy, not only in my memories, but on film as well.

The heat of Cindy's body would not let me sleep. My right hand
started to slowly and gently caress her soft stomach. My hand could
feel the heat flowing from her skin. I then moved it to the inside
of her right knee. gently caressed her inner thigh. She moved
slightly. Pulling her body closer to mine, I pressed my bulging
hard-on against her body. Her body was so warm and soft. Moving my
hand to her tits, I slowly tugged on her nipples. She made a few
noises that told me she was probably enjoying this attention in her
sleep. After a few moments I moved my hand to the inside of her
outer leg and gently caressed it. Her legs began to move farther
apart, and she rolled toward me and smiled. "what do you think you
are doing?", she said in a soft voice, her eyes not quite open. I
didn't say a word. I moved my hand up her leg and gently combed her
pussy hair with my fingers. Her pussy was soaking wet!. I couldn't
believe how wonderful it felt! Ever so slowly and ever so gently, I
began to move my fingers along her eager slit. As I did, her legs
opened, inviting me to explore further.

My middle finger found the top of her soaking pussy, slowly
following it downward. I gently and slowly followed it along the
outside edge just barely touching it. Moving my hand downward, I
massaged her beautiful ass. I gave it a gentle squeeze then slowly
released it and start to slide my middle finger back up to the
awaiting prize!

After about the third time, my finger found itself starting to
enter along the outer edge of her soft warm inviting pussy. I
gently inserted my middle and index finger into her pussy. Cindy
gasped, arching her back slightly, she moved her knees up to give me
a better position. Massaging her pussy and her clit for a few
minutes, I pulled my hand away and moved it up to her tits. Wiping
my soaking hand around her nipples, I slowly moved my hand to her
mouth. She sucked on my fingers as her womanly juices covered her
lips. I grabbed her hand right hand and moved it to her pussy. She
stroked her clit, while sucking my fingers.

Pulling her knees to her chest, she inserted two fingers in her hot
box and started finger fucking herself. Within minutes, her body
quivered and she let out a gasp as she reached the height of
ecstasy. Her body trembled and she tried not to make any noise that
would wake up Christy. Moving her soaking fingers to my mouth, I
eagerly licked her love nectar from her fingers.

Cindy told me to lay on my back. She rolled over and straddled my
cock with her luscious box. Her back was facing toward me and she
lowered herself on top of me in the "Cowgirl Position". Slowly she
started fucking my cock and I grabbed her legs and moved them
further apart to massage her clit. Cindy, went wild with excitement
and I had to tell here to be quite, as Christy was still sleeping.
Here body smelled so good and sweat was forming on her back. her
juices were flowing and her pussy was sopping wet with her pussy

Cindy leaned forward and started fucking my cock as she fingered her
clit. The thought of her "pussy pounding" while I fucked her was
so exciting. It was even more exciting to her, as she started
shuddering and gasping for air. Cindy then pulled her pussy off of
my cock. Spreading her lips with both of her hands, an orgasmic
wave of heat came over her body as she shot a small stream of her
cum onto my cock and balls. I had never seen a woman do this, since
I saw the Porn film "The Squirt" which starred a babe named
"Fallon". Here pussy quivered, and pulsated as I cupped my hand
underneath to catch as much of her gift as I could. I shoved my
cock back into her, using her cum juices as lubricant. Her body
relaxed almost as fast as it had tightened. Cindy laid on me as her
body relaxed and beads of sweat dripped from her back. Moving my
hand to her mouth, she eagerly licked her cum off of my hand. She
rolled over and cuddled me and said "You are so wonderful, Jerry
never let me cum like that. He never last more than a couple
minutes". "A woman as beautiful as you could make any guy cum too
quickly", I said.

We laid beside each other for about 10 minutes, my cock was still at
attention. She was still lubed up and had plans for another
experiment with me. Raising her ass up, she started grinding her
ass back and forth as my dick laid against my belly. Moving her
hands to her butt cheeks, she slowly pulled them apart and gave me a
view to her beautiful asshole. I held my dick straight up with my
right hand, as she helped me guide my cock into her pink hole. My
dick seemed so big, I didn't think it would fit in. Cindy slowly
sat down on top of it as I saw the head disappear. It was real
tight, however her lubricating juices helped it slide in.

Her ass was so tight and I thought for sure I could not hold on. I
tried to slow down her rhythm and let her know I wasn't ready to
cum. She humped my cock with her ass like a pro, but for some
reason I think she was new at this. The lights were still on in the
room and her body had beads of sweat running down the small of her
back. I stopped for a minute and had her turn around so I could see
her face and pussy. She moved her body around and gave me a view of
perfection. My cock was actually in her ass, I thought. And she is
really enjoying this. I shoved two fingers up her cunt as she
fucked me. Grabbing her hand, I had her massage herself again.

By now I was like a dog in heat and didn't give a shit if I came or
not. Cindy beat her pud as her ass feverishly fucked my dick. I
could feel my cock between the thin piece of skin that seperated her
ass from her cunt. I had never fucked anyone in the ass and asked
her if I should cum inside her. She said "no, I want to taste you
in my mouth". "What? are you serious?" I said. She just smiled
and started rocking back and forth faster and faster. Her body
started to quiver again and I could feel her ass tighten up around
my cock as her body exploded. Her pussy gushed out a stream of
milky white liquid again. I couldn't hold back and started pumping
like I never had before. Her ass moved up and down with each thrust
of my dick. I felt the heat warm up inside and told her I was close
to blowing my jiz. She pulled her ass off of my dick and started
jerking me off with her hand. Not having had anal sex before I
thought my dick would be covered with shit. I was amazed that it
wasn't. Her lips encircled my dick just as I shot my load. Cindy
was caught by surprise, as a load of cum shot to the back of her
throat and dribbled back out of her mouth. Her lips had cum on them
as the "After Squirt" kept shooting onto her face and lips. She
jerked my cock back and forth to make sure there was nothing left
inside. Licking up every last drop, she took my whole cock into her
mouth, making sure it was clean.

After we laid there for a few minutes, she told me how she loved the
taste of my cum and couldn't get enough. I kissed her on the lips,
saying "goodnight", as I pulled the blanket on to the three of us.
The taste of my salty cum was still on her lips. Morning would soon
be here, I thought as I dozed off to sleep.

hell is going on?", I thought as I woke up. MAKE ME CUM!!! FUCK
ME!!! FUCK ME!!!, Christy yelled. Christy's legs were spread eagle
as Cindy shoved a pink vibrator in and out of Christy's cunt.
"WOW", I thought what a great thing to wake up too. Cindy licked
Christy's clit while she shoved the six inch vibrator in and out at
a furious pace. Christy's ass was moving up and down as Cindy
licked her pussy the way a woman knows how. I laid there like I was
still asleep, I didn't want to miss this show.

The lapping sound of Cindy's mouth on her pussy and the cussing of
Christy was a real turn on for me. "LET ME SUCK THAT PUSSY OF
YOURS, YOU LITTLE SLUT" Christy yelled. Cindy turned her ass around
and put it in her face and invited Christy to "suck her love
button". Christy licked her ass and pussy, while the vibrator
worked on the other end. Seeing two woman in the sixty-nine
position was such a turn-on I felt I needed to get involved. The
lights were not on, except for the kitchen light. This gave me the
chance to sneak around and stand above Christy's face, and behind
Cindy's ass. Christy finally saw me as I put my cock in Cindy's
pussy. It was wet as usual and Christy licked my cock and balls as
I fucked Cindy. Before long Christy started gasping as she came and
exploded her spunk all over Cindy's hands and the vibrator.

Cindy pulled the vibrator out and licked it clean, then cleaned up
the frothy mess Christy had on her pussy. Fucking Cindy in the
"doggy" position gave me a beatiful view of her ass. The memory of
fucking her pink hole last night made me fuck her faster and faster.
The pink vibrator was laying next to Christy, and I grabbed it as I
pulled my cock out of Cindy's pussy. Shoving the pink toy into her
as far as it would go, allowed me to lube it up for next surprise.
I pulled the vibrator out and started playing with her bung hole.
Slowly I inserted it about a half inch, moving it in and out to help
it along. Before long it was in about four inches, and Cindy was
going wild. I shoved my cock back in her cunt and felt the tingling
sensation of the vibrator in her ass. Christy started licking
Cindy's clit to help get her off. I could feel her pussy tighten as
the orgasm built up inside her. I shoved the vibrator as far as it
would go, just as her body convulsed and she let out a scream.
Pulling out the pink toy, I could feel myself ready to unload.
Christy was still underneath as I pulled my cock out. Stroking my
meat as fast as I could, I made sure to aim my dick at Christy's
pursed lips. She eagerly sucked on my head, as I let loose with
cum. Now I had never cum in Christy's mouth before, but I couldn't
hold back enough to pull it out. To my surprise she just kept
sucking. Pulling my cock out, I jerked on it a few times with my
right hand, as more cum splattered on her face and lips. Cindy
moved around and helped clean up the "mess" as they both sucked on
my tool.

"How long have you two been at it?", I asked. Cindy smiled, "for
about the last half hour" "I guess I was sleeping too hard", smiling
as I looked down at my limp dick. "You know your wife loves to
fuck woman don't you?", Cindy said. "Well from the looks of it, so
do you" I said like a smart ass. Cindy looked at me with those big
brown eyes, "But no one can fuck a woman like a real man, and last
night you made me cum more than my husband ever had". "I feel
honored being the first one to fuck that pretty ass of yours" "You
were the first man to fuck my ass, but Christine and I have been
using this little jewel for the last three months"

"Holy shit!, you mean you two have been pounding each others puds
before last night?" Cindy giggled, "Yeah but we never had as much
fun doing this as we did with you" I looked over at Christine,
smiling she said "Oh by the way can Cindy come over next weekend
while Jerry and the kids are out of town?" I just laughed and said,
"she can cum over and over and over, anytime she wants" We all
laughed as we curled up on the floor together.

The end




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