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Θέμα: Re: Egw grafw movo avekdota!!!

(nil): Marina Robb (marinarb(@)
Ημερομηνία: Πεμ 22 Απρ 1999 - 23:51:53 EEST

Και πως λέγεται "η κίνηση" στα Γιαπωνέζικα;


> pws legetai sta Giapovezika auto pou eivai sta pro8ura va ta
> tivaksei?

Και μερικά που λέγουν στην Βελιγράδι αύτη την στιγμη -- συγγνώμη που τα
στέλνω αμετάφραστα


Smile Serbia, you're on Candid Camera!

We deliver to shelters
Just call AVIANO, Italy 9938...

Find 5 radio locators and get a brand new Tomahawk cruise missile home

Q: When you find a NATO pilot lost in the woods how do you know which
country he is from?
A: The German salutes you, the Englishman bitches about the weather,
American asks for his lawyer, the Frenchman complains that he is
the Italian starts telling you how he never had anything against Serbs.

An add in a Washington D.C. newspaper:
Looking for a Secretary of State whose name doesn't start with MAD.

Q: Why do American's hate us?
A: They hear that the average Serb drinks a lot, smokes a lot - even at
work. That he likes to eat red fatty meat, that he drinks coffee with
caffeine and that he feeds cereals to his farm animals . They also hear
that he often uses vulgar language, and that in a restaurant he pays
other people's drinks (with cash).

After the third stealth planes went down:
Sorry, we didn't know they were invisible...

Look Mom - that's our house on CNN!

Top Ten Reasons for being a Serb

        1. You are not a Croat.
        2. Basketball team.
        3. You can choose between several war criminals in Presidential
        4. When abroad you can enjoy the positive media coverage of
        5. You can fight 600 year old battles against the Turks and
their domestic collaborators, be convinced that it's happening right
now, and not be entirely wrong.
        6. You can always go to Greece and Cyprus and fear nothing.
        7. Grilled meat and slivovitz.
        8. You get to drink slivovitz and eat grilled meat even when
under economic sanctions.
        9. You are the only European country which will be bombed by
        10.Every now and then you get to fly to the Hague at someone
else's expense.


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