JotD / QotD Ελληνική Λίστα Ανεκδότων (JotD)

Θέμα: H mikrh mathitria

(nil): Akis Karnouskos (akis(@)
Ημερομηνία: Πεμ 03 Ιουν 1999 - 15:10:49 EEST

H Michal, mia mikrn ma9ntria apo kapoia eurwpaikn xwra, eixe va kavei
prin apo merika xronia mia ergasia sto sxoleio tns sxetika me tnv
Ellada. Eixe kavei, loipov, eva posting sto soc.culture.greek (av
9umamai kala). O Spiros Bouas pro9umopoin9nke va bon9nsei...

 Apantw stin mikri mas fili pou 0elei na ma0ei gia tin Ellada...

> Hi. I am Michal. I am a girl. I am nine years old and in the third
> grade. I am asking you about Greece. I have lots of questions
> about Greece.
>Like, what is your geography?
 It changes, but basically san moutza...

>Who is your government?
 For this week Papandreou, next week who knows...

>Is there a queen or king there?
 No, and its a bad idea for them to visit...

>What food do you eat?
 What food don't we eat? Not much...

>What language do you speak?
 A not very civilized, bastardized version of what you learn in
 "Arxidi, eisai O.K?, sorry pou se patisa re kathiki" kind of thing...

>What is your Climate?
 The best...

>What is the name of your money?
 What money?

>What kind of clothes do people wear?
 I don't know, but the shoes are Timberland...

>What is your religion?
 Go to a soccer game, you'll see...

>What are your major industries?
 Night Clubs...

>What are your customs?
 Very tough. I tried to bring a God damn stereo into the country twice
and they caught me both times... Big fine too, those sons of bitches...

>What is the capital of Greece?

>What games or sports do you play?
 The most famous sport is goverment fraud. It's strange in that both the
 people and the government try to beat the government...
 The most popular game is tavli. The Army holds all the records in that

>What are your favorite landmarks?
 Pame plateia?

>Who are your famous people?
 Koskwtas, Gallis, and some foreign soccer players I can't pronounce.
They usually come from countries that are in a state of war. A, and

>What are your houses like?
 They are built by some strange force because they never, EVER, EVER,
fall with earthquackes...

>What kind of animals live there?
 Usually of the two leg variety. They work for the government, have a
 strange accent and their mating cry is something like:
 "Sto telos tis grammis kyrie, den blepete pou exoume douleia. 0a se
ftia3w egw!!!"

> And anything else you can tell me.

 Well, you should definately go but in order to enjoy Greece wait untill
 you hit your late teens or so... ;-)

 Spiros Bouas.


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