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Ρε παιδιά δεν το αντέχω! σας το μεταφέω ως έχει!

hen trials of the DB-2D long range bomber proved that it unable to
                     with latest military demands, Soviet Government
ordered to develope it into an
                     unarmed record setter.

P.O.Sukhoj and his team did the job, including
                 installation of new engines with 3-blade variable pitch
propellers (VISH), increase of
                 fuel capacity and adding an equipment necessary for
extremely long flights. Other
                 changes introduced in ANT-13bis 'Rodina' (Homeland)

ANT-13bis was the third aircraft of the DB-2 family. Fourth airframe
with a
                 wing serving as a huge fuel tank was abandoned on
assembly stage.
                      'Rodina' rolled out in February 1936.

Record flight was performed by women crew (pilots V.S.Grizodubova and
                 P.D.Osipenko, navigator M.M.Raskova) on September 24-25
1938. 6000km route
                 across the expanse of the Soviet Union from Moscow to
Komsomolsk-on-Amur in
                 the Far East. With the aircraft icing up over the
Siberian wilderness, the women
                 tossed everything movable out of the aircraft to try
and gain altitude. Finally,
                 Raskova, who had been the navigator, decided she would
have to go as well. She
                 marked the aircraft's compass heading on a map and
bailed out into the darkness.
                 Local hunter eventually rescued Raskova, and helped her
to get to the landing site on
                 October 5. The two remaining pilots performed a safe
emergency landing in the dry
                 marches near Kerby village, slightly short of their
destination. 'Rodina' covered
                 5908km in 26h29min.

Αφού πετάξανε όλη τη σαβούρα...... πετάξαν και την πλοηγό τους! Ξανθιες!

Τώρα...τί να πω... "καλα που πέρασε ο κυνηγος! για ελαφάκια πήγαινε...
ιπταμενη ελαφίνα βρήκε!"

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