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ΜΙΑ ξανθια ΠΗΓΕ ΣΤΟ hair salon for a hair cut. She readied herself on the

chair and asked the stylist for a trim. The hair stylist observed the blonde

had her earphones on connected to a walkman.

"Could you remove those earphones?" asked the stylist

The blonde replied, "Oh no.. I couldn't do that! Please try and cut my hair

without thouching my earphone wires."

With great difficulty the stylist cut and styled the blonde's hair avoiding

the wires. After the haircut, the blonde paid her the usual amount and

nothing more for the extra effort put in for the haircut. This really tiffed

the stylist, but she thought nothing more about it.

The following month the same blonde came back to get her hair cut, and she

was still wearing the headphones connected to her walkman. Once again she

asked the stylist to cut her hair and to avoid cutting the wires of her

headphone. Again the stylist had much difficulty in the haircut and was

muttering under her breath. After the haircut, the blonde didn't even pay

for the extra effort. The stylist thought to herself.. "Never again!"

Within a months time, the blonde was back with her headphones and walkman,

and she sat down and told the stylist "The usual, please". The stylist

couldn't take it anymore and pulled out the headphones, and the blonde

crumpled to the floor, dead!

The ambulance came and pronounced the blonde dead, and whisked her away to

the morgue. All that was left of her was her headphones and walkman on the

salon floor. Curious, the stylist wondered what was playing on the walkman

that was so important to the blonde. She put it on and pressed the 'play'

button. On the tape, a voice came on repeatedly ...

"Inhale.... exhale.... inhale.... exhale...."


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