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Χμμμ...για να βρούμε και τίποτ' άλλο is like...αααα...εεεε...α ναι!
Sex is like metal (steel can kill)
και επίσης...
η μάνα μου είναι φαρμακοποιός, και η σχετική ένωση/σωματείο της στέλνει κάθε λίγο το περιοδικό "Φαρμακευτικός Κόσμος"
...άρα τι πιο ταιριαστό από το...
Sex is like Viagra ("...και ο χορός ξαναρχίζει":))

Τα λέμε κομπιναδόροι, κομπιναδόρισσες, και κάθε φύσεως "Ακάλυπτοι"

Flareman of the Apocalypse

"...Flareman was a sorcerer who lived in the past ages
, and who still lives unto today. He was the first to suc-
cessfully cast the Apocalyptic Wrath spell without har-
ming himself. This way he managed to decimate the
Orc army raid in Sullust and Pelenor Fields. Thus, he was
named Steward in Honor to the Castle of Gondor (Minas-Tirith),
and became a hero. Legend has it that he has assumed the
fair form of a Greek senior high school student, but the sages
know that he still reserches new spells and that he continues his

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