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Θέμα: Adam & Eva or Eva & Adam

(nil): Stavros Gerakaris (sger(@)
Ημερομηνία: Παρ 12 Ιαν 2001 - 15:47:20 EET

> On a sunny day of Spring, in the garden of Eden, Eve calls God :
> "My Lord, I have a problem"
> "And what is you problrm Eve ?"
> "My Lord, I know you created me and then, you created this wonderful
> garden
> with all the creatures that live inside, as well as this funny snake ...
> but
> I am bored and I think I am not happy."
> "Why that, Eve ?" God responded.
> "My Lord, I feel lonely, and I am fed up with apples."
> "So, Eve, in this case, I have a solution to your problem. I am going to
> create a man for you."
> "What is a man, my Lord ?"
> "This man will be an imperfect creature, full of agressivity, very
> selfish
> and unable to listen to anyone. He will made you life very hard but on
> the other hand, he will be stronger than you. He will be a good hunter who
> will provide you with anything you need, and he will protect you against
> wild
> beasts."
> "It seems to be good" said Eve, smiling with interest.
> "But, I'll create him in one condition ..."
> "And what is that condition, my Lord ?"
> "You will have to make him believe he was created first."

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