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Θέμα: Ελληνοαμερικάνικοι τίτλοι

(nil): Νίκος Ι. Φαρσάρης (njf(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τρι 16 Ιαν 2001 - 00:11:58 EET

Μην μου πεί κανείς ότι ....."εξαμερικανίσθηκα" τώτα στο στρατό..
κοιτάξτε τους συγγραφείς!!! ;-{)

                              Mushroom growing in the 21st century, by Manny
                              Principles of Hunting, by Kara Bina
                              How to avoid being raped, by Den Tothelo
                              Greek cousine, by Sue Tzoukaki
                              How to improve your driving skills, by Tim Oni
                              Mastering laundry, by Manda Laki
                              More Greek cousine, by Tara Ma
                              Greek Geography, by Sal Oniki
                              Greek weddings, by Bo Boniera
                              Greek entertainment, by Pan Igiri
                              Jewelry in Greece, by Al Isides
                              How to approach girls, by Les Nathelli
                              How Greeks BBQ, by Sue Vlaki
                              Manual for electric can openers, by Annie Xtiri
                              Halloween in Greece, by Carl Navalia
                              Guitar lessons, by Keith Aristas
                              Fighting alcoholism, by Sue Romenos
                              Fighting obesity, by Boo Hessas
                              Satan Worshiping, by Dee Avolos
                              Fishing made easy, by Buck Alliaros
                              Butterfly Collecting, by Pete Alludes
                              Guide to better dressing, Tina Foreso
                              Astrology, By Kouta Mares & Apa Teones
                              Weight Loss, By Al Afrono
                              Greek Vows Of Silence, By Voula Seton
                              Greek Campfire Song Lyrics, By Holly Girostinfotia

                              A Guide To Crete, By Meg Alonisso & Dan Milane
                              Starvation Diets, By Nero Kepsomi
                              Bra Maker, By Sue Tien
                              Dealing with Short People, By Con Doss
                              How to use "Messon" in Greek Law, By Judge Tziki
                              Greek dips, By Tara Mosalata
                              Don''t buy a Valiant !, By Mitso Bishi
                              Dealing with Indigestion, By Klaston Heston
                              The art of olive making, By Elle Yes
                              Sleeping with the Enemy, By Pana Gamithis
                              101 Poultry Recipes, By Troy Kota
                              Vegetable recipes by Tom Mata & Pat Ata

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