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Θέμα: honest man

(nil): Panageas, Andreas J (N-Superior Design) (andreas.j.panageas(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 21 Μαρ 2001 - 18:43:27 EET

A lawyer returns to his parked BMW to find the headlights broken and
considerable damage. There's no sign of the offending vehicle but he's
relieved to see that there's a note stuck under the windshield wiper.
"Sorry. I just backed into your Beemer. The witnesses who saw the accident
are nodding and smiling at me because they think I'm leaving my name,
address and other particulars. But I'm not."

Andreas J Panageas
Senior Staff Design Engineer
Ground systems
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space

Η Έβελυν (το ρομπότ της λίστας) γράφει :
Το χρήμα που μας ανήκει είναι εργαλείο της ελευθερίας, το χρήμα που κυνηγούμε
είναι εργαλείο της σκλαβιάς.
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