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Θέμα: Η αληθινή ιστορία της κοκκινοσκουφίτσας

(nil): Archimidis Anagnostou (archimidis(@)
Ημερομηνία: Παρ 24 Αυγ 2001 - 20:51:59 EEST

One time and a weather there was a little Kokkinoskoufits.
One morning her mamma said: "Dear Kokkinoskoufits, take this cest to the
but warning to the wolf that is very ma very kakows! And come grigora! Good
Kokkinoskoufits didn't katalavised very well this last thing
but went away, alone, with the cest.
Perpatising,perpatising, in the heart of the dasos, at a point she
synantised the wolf, who
said: "Hi! Mikrow koritsaki! 'Pou do you
go?". "To the yaya with this little cest,which is little but it is full of
 chocolate and biscots and tsoureki". She said.

"Ah, na parei (maybe an expression: what a colos that I
had)" said the wolf, with a potam of salia out of the stome. And so the wolf
said: "Beh, now I have to go giati my kiniton sounds, sorry."

And the wolf went away, but not very away, but to the yaya's house.
Kokkinoskoufits, who was very ma very slow, continued for
her monopat in the dasos.

The wolf arrived at the house, knoked at the port entered, and, after
cheretising the yaya, ate her up. Then, after ftising the massel,
he foresed the ilithius nyktikon and xaplosed to the krevat.

When Kokkinoskoufits came to the beautifull yaya's house, knocked and
entered. But
when the little and a bit stupid girl saw the wolf said: "But yaya, why do
you stay in krevat?". And the
yaya-wolf: "Oh, I've straboulised my astragal doing aerobics!".
"Oh, poor yaya!", said Kokkinoskoufits (she was more than a bit stupid, I
think, wasn't she?). Then she said: "But... what big eyes do you have? Do
need some collir?". "Oh, no! It's for see you better, my dear stupid
little girl" said the yaya-wolf. Then Kokkinoskoufits, "But what big aftia
do you have, do you have the magoulades?".

And the yaya-wolf: "Oh, no! It is to akoying you better".
And Kokkinoskoufits said: "But
what big tooths do you have!". And the wolf, that at this point said:
"it is to eat you better! And eat her up the
poor little red girl.

But out of the house a simpatic, curious and innocent kynigows
of zoula (maybe a city near there) akoused all and said: "Fantastic! A wolf!
Its gouna values one sorow lefta. And so, only for the compassion
for the little girl, left down the kils of alepows, lagows and
birds that he had killed untill that moment, arpaxed his toufec, entered
in the kamara and killed the wolf. Then opened his baka (being carefull not
katastripse the gouna) and tired out the yaya (still alive) and
(still stupid). And so, at the end, the kynigows of zoula poulised
the gouna and earned (Honestly) one sorow lefta.

The yaya ate all the sweats of the cest. Kokkinoskoufits
let her stay, because she had understood. And so, everybody lived happy and
we lived better

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