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(nil): Nickos Costopoulos (crowncs(@)
Ημερομηνία: Δευ 14 Οκτ 2002 - 09:47:08 EEST

Συγνώμη για το Αγγλικό (Sorry Νάσο, που έλεγε και ο συνονόματος)
Για την αντιγραφή
Νίκος Κωστόπουλος

WASHINGTON - US President Bush will not attack Iraq before the
negotiations about television rights are finished. News today is that
negotiations between the Bush administration and news station CNN were
broken off since no agreement could be reached about the selling of TV

Bush regrets this turn of affairs. "With the present offer of CNN, we
won't drop a single bomb on Iraq." he commented to the press today. "We
have considered moving the attack to a cheaper location like Cuba or
Ivory Coast, but our shirt sponsors did not agree."

Earlier this year the administration reached an agreement with Nike
about the tenues for paratroopers and marines. Air raids will be
sponsored by United Airlines, and movie rights and the title "Saddamned"
have been sold to Disney. As stated, main sponsor CNN is the only one
where no agreement has been reached as yet.

To the surprise of many, government negotiators are now considering an
offer by NBC. If NBC would gain television rights, insiders expect the
war to be presented live from New York by talk show host David Letterman.

Meanwhile, US troops are training in the Nevada desert for warfare with
commercial breaks. Soldiers will be equipped with telecommunications
equipment inside their helmets, informing them when to cease fire for a
sponsor block.

An US proposition in the United Nations assembly to get the commercial
break included in the convention of Geneva finds little support ot this
point. Meanwhile, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussain demands that all commercial
breaks should be subtitled in Iraqi.

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