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(nil): Eugene Alexander (alexander(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τρι 04 Φεβ 2003 - 19:24:48 EET

Αχχ! δεν είμαστε Αμερικλάνοι να ψηφίσουμε... αλλά δείτε την
καταγγελία που κάνουνε ενάντια στον Θάμνο...


The anti-war movement has now inaugurated a campaign to
impeach George W. Bush and other senior U.S. government
officials for their criminal conduct. The planned war
against Iraq and the destruction of constitutionally
protected rights at home are the grounds for impeachment.

The articles of impeachment, drafted by former Attorney
General Ramsey Clark, are the basis for a grassroots
effort to remove Bush from office as we organize to stop
the war. Please visit the site
and cast your vote to Impeach Bush. Let your family members,
friends and co-workers learn about the movement to impeach
George Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Η Έβελυν (Jokes-Robot(@) γράφει :
Οι Νιγηριανοι εχουν δημιουργησει μια μεταλλικη κουρτινα μπρος στα
καρε του Ζντραφκοφ
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