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συγγνωμη για το αγγλικον του τζοουκ, αλλα ειναι καλο αη θινκ!

An aircraft is about to crash. There are five passengers on board,
but only 4 parachutes.

The first passenger says "I'm Shaquille O'Neill, the
best NBA basketball player. The Lakers need me, it would be unfair to
them if I died". So he takes the first parachute and jumps.

The second passenger, Hillary Clinton, says "I am the
wife of the former President of the United States. I am also the most
dedicated woman in the world, a Senator in New York and America's
potential future President. She takes one of the parachutes and jumps.

The third passenger, George W. Bush, says " I am the
President of the United States of America. I have a huge
responsibility in world politics. And apart from that, I am the most
intelligent President in the history of the country and I have a
responsibility to my people not to die". So he takes a parachute and jumps.

The fourth passenger, the Pope, says to the fifth
passenger, a ten year old schoolboy "I am already old. I have already
lived my life, as a good person and a priest, I will give you the last

The boy replies "No problem, there is also a parachute for you.
America's most intelligent President has taken my schoolbag..."

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