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On This Day: Tuesday October 19, 2004
This is the 293rd day of the year, with 73 days remaining in 2004.

Feast day of St Paul of the Cross, St Philip Howard, St Ethbin, St Aquilinus of Evreux, St Cleopatra, St Frideswide, St Peter of Alcaacutentara, St John de Breacutebeuf, St Reneacute Goupil, St Varus, and Saints Ptolemy and Lucius.

1216 - King John of England dies and is succeeded by his nine-year-old son Henry.

1765 - The Stamp Act Congress drew up a declaration of rights and liberties at its meeting in New York.

1781 - British troops under Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia. It was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.

1812 - Napoleon's French troops began their retreat from Moscow.

1813 - Napoleon was defeated at Leipzig by the Allies at the Battle of the Nations. Around 500,000 troops were involved.

1864 - In the US Civil War, General Sheridan was victorious over the Confederates at the Battle of Cedar Creek.

1873 - Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Rutgers universities draft the first code of football rules.

1935 - The League of Nations imposed sanctions on Italy, following her invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

1944 - The US Navy announced that black women could join the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service).

1950 - The North Korean capital of Pyongyang is captured by UN troops.

1954 - Egypt and Britain sign a pact on the Suez Canal, ending 72 years of British military occupation. Britain agrees to withdraw its force within 20 months and Egypt agrees to maintain freedom of canal navigation.

1960 - The US imposed an embargo on exports to Cuba covering all commodities except medical supplies and certain food products.

1977 - The supersonic Concorde jet landed in New York City for the first time.

1987 - Black Monday: the stock market crashed as the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 508 points, or 22.6 percent.

1989 - After serving 14 years in prison for the IRA Guildford and Woolwich bombings in England, the 'Guildford Four' had their convictions quashed.

1605 - Sir Thomas Browne, physician and writer of famous quotations.

1862 - Auguste Lumiere, French inventor.

1931 - John LeCarre (David Cornwell), author.

1945 - John Lithgow, Emmy and Tony award-winning actor.


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