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Ενδιαφέρον linkάκι από το Register, το οποίο εν ολίγοις λέει ότι έρευνα του
University College London δείχνει ότι σε περιοχές που βάζουν στους
αγγλικούς δρόμους κάμερες για να φωτογραφίζουν όσους ξεπερνούν τα όρια
ταχύτητας τα ατυχήματα αυξάνονται γιατί προσέχουν τις κάμερες αντί για το
δρόμο και γι αυτό έχει αναστείλει όλες τις περαιτέρω εγκαταστάσεις καμερών η
τροχαία της Βρετανίας μέχρι να γίνουν παραπέρα μελέτες. Εδώ θα μας σώσουν οι
μαλθάκες βάζοντας κάμερες στο Μαλιακό αντί να φτιάξουν το δρόμο.

Fatalities rise in speed camera hotspots
By Lester Haines

Published Tuesday 19th July 2005 11:09 GMT

The UK government recently suspended the deployment of more speeds cameras
pending the outcome of of a University College London probe into whether
they actually save lives.
We have no doubt, then, that the investigators will be taking a close
interest in the Motorcycle News revelation that road deaths have risen
dramatically in those areas favoured with the most Gatsos.

According to the MCN figures - joyfully reported in today's Sun -
Hertfordshire saw a 24 per cent rise in speed camera numbers between 2003
and 2004. In the same period, road fatalities rose by 34 per cent.
Likewise in Wiltshire, camera numbers went up 14 per cent, and those killed
22 per cent. In County Durham, meanwhile, a lone Gatso oversaw a 22 per cent
drop in fatalities.
The Sun is also delighted to report that in North Wales, where "Gatso fan
Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has a league table for traffic cops",
56,247 speeding tickets were issued although this had little effect on
safety, with an 18 per cent increase in road deaths.
The reason? Simple, says safety expert Paul Smith: "Crashes are avoided by
making a safe plan based on what you see. Cameras move attention away from
hazards to speedometers." R

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