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Create a Greenpeace peace slogan
We would like your ideas about potential slogans, visuals and logos for a
new communication challenge we're facing.
Our goal: to inspire the public about nuclear disarmament so people feel
empowered to act. We?d like to focus on people who are worried about nuclear
weapons, but are doubtful the problem can be solved. We want to stop talking
about "doom and gloom", and start talking about the very real possibilities
for greater peace in a world that is free from nuclear weapons.
We want to create optimistic communications to encourage the creation of
Nuclear Weapons Free Zones around the world. So, your mission, if you choose
to accept it, is to create a slogan, logo or visual representation about the
Give us your ideasVolume 5, Number 7


Η Έβελυν (Jokes-Robot(@) γράφει :
Αυτός που πιστεύει ότι το χρήμα τα κάνει όλα, είναι πρόθυμος να κάνει
ο ίδιος τα πάντα για το χρήμα.
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