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Θέμα: Niggers - Αμετάφραστο

(nil): Marios Mitrosilis (mmjrules(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τετ 14 Δεκ 2005 - 13:36:54 EET

    A black man and his son are on an airplane going across the ocean
    when they hear the captain's voice coming over the speakers.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid I have some bad news. One of
    our engines has gone out. We still have 3 working fine, but in
    order to make it across the ocean, we will have to dump all the
    luggage. It will be picked up by boats and returned to the
    airport where you can pick it up. Sorry for the inconvenience."

    Well, then about 15 minutes later, the captain comes on again.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid I have some more bad news. We
    just lost another engine. Since we already dumped the luggage, we
    will now have to drop people. You will be given floating devices
    and will be picked up immediately by a boat and taken safely to
    shore. To be fair, we will do this in alphabetical order.
    'A' is for African American. All African Americans, please raise
    your hands."

    Well, hearing this, the little black boy started to raise his
    hand. His father pushed his hand down and said, "No son, keep it

    When no one raised their hands, the captain said, "Okay, fine,
    let's move on to the letter 'B'.
    'B' is for black. All blacks, raise your hands."

    Again, the little black boy starts to raise his hand, and his
    father stops him again.

    The captain comes on once more, and says, "Well then, I guess
    we'll move on to C.
    'C' is for Colored. All colored people, raise your hands."

    The little black boy starts to raise his hand, and his father
    pushes it down and tells him no.

    "But dad!" he says, "We are African American, we are black, and
    we are also called colored. Why won't you let me raise my hand?"

    His father says, "No son, today, we're niggers. Those damn Jews
    and Mexicans are going before us!"

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