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The art of Zamanfou, also known as "starxidismos" (σταρχιδισμός) is an
art form developed during the late 80s in Greece and mainly in Athens.
It later climaxed in the 90s and has gone nation wide mainly among the
younger ages of 16-25. The term is thought to be derived from the
French phrase "je m'en fou" whose meaning in English can be translated
as "I don't care".

Main Description

The main purpose of this art form is to relieve stress and have a good
time. All you have to do is "write everything at your balls" (γράφτα
ολα στ' αρχίδια σου) as is the literal translation from Greek. This
actually means that if something bothers you and you cannot do
anything about it you should just ignore it. In order to maximize the
effect of stress relief there is a characteristic hand movement
denoting this. The hand movement is done by driving either hand toward
the genitalia. The exact way this is done depends on the mood of the
practitioner and to whom he/she is addressing. This is a
characteristic gesture of males since the Ottoman Empire, but since
the emancipation of women in Greece they have come to use it also,
even though they do not possess any "balls". Women usually paraphrase
this by saying "at my pussy lips" (στα μουνόχειλά μου).

Hand Gestures (Technique)

The methodology used for the hand gesture varies according to the
individual's preference. This is also a part of the art form of
Zamanfou. There are some main techniques though which are usually
copied by the younger kids but then evolve into a personal
characteristic with distinctive variations. Most of the times these
gestures are followed by an exclamation of satisfaction by saying

Some techniques that are used:

    * Flat hand "me mania": The hand is driven with force toward the
genitalia with palm facing outward and at the last minute decrease in
speed and hits the side of leg next to genitalia hard enough to make a
slight slapping noise.
    * Direct down: The hand is placed vertical to the ground and
driven straight down toward the genitalia with decreasing speed.
    * Full length: This technique is most often used when the
practitioner wishes to give great emphasis. Here the hand starts from
the foot which has been risen to the height of the waist. The hand
later follows the inside of the leg while it remains in the air and
the hand's palm is facing outwards. The gesture finishes when the hand
reaches the genitalia.
    * Miyagi: This one can be combined with any of the above. In
addition to performing any other technique a sound as that of a karate
move is made. It helps if the rest of the body moves along with the
sound and the movement. The name comes from the movie The Karate Kid
which has influenced the generation that brought this art form to

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