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Θέμα: ΠΑΟΚτσής

(nil): Nikos Tsekhs (ntsekhs(@)
Ημερομηνία: Τρι 26 Οκτ 2010 - 07:48:32 EEST

Φώτο: ΠΑΟΚτσής στο Λούβρο ατενίζοντας τη Μόνα Λίζα και φορώντας
μπλουζάκι στο οποίο αναγράφεται:

"Με Ζαγοράκη και Ζήση Βρύζα
στ'αρχίδια μου τη γραφω
και τη Μονα Λίζα"

Σχόλιο που άφησε τρελαμένος ΠΑΟΚτσής σε blog οπαδών του Άγιαξ μετα την
κλήρωση για τα προκριματικά του Champions League που έφερε αντιμέτωπες
τις 2 ομάδες...

hello people from salonika .
i am a PAOK fan .
Yesterday i was written in the poulman for Amsterntam with gate 4 .It
is our bigest fan club and the most hooligan in Europe .
I think we will be 20000 in Amsterntam . The president of our club
told me that .
Be careful because we are very mad and we don't like the white-red
color because it is like gavros color and we hate them . we like it
very much to sing 'gavroi mounia -gamw ton peiraia ' (fish pussies we
f** piraues -fish is gavros fans nickname) .
So if you wear red-white kaskol , we will hit you . Maybe we will burn
a club of you, if we find one and if there is no police .
The most good thing in Amsterntam is that drugs are free. We smoke too
much in Greece but if you are unlucky and they catch yoy and you don't
know a big cop, then you maybe go to jail for some days .

In Amsterntam we will smoke all the day for free so we will be more
mad and we will hit you more , xaxaxa .
I heard that there is a road in the center of Amsterntam with
prostitutes . We can see them and if we like them we can f** them . If
this is true then it will happen the prostitute's . We will visit them
for free and if they ask for money we will hit them because we are
PAOK ! about the game i think we will win 0-3 . We have a very good
team . Last year we must win the tsampionsip . The referees were sold
and they didn't let us to take it . Because all the referees are from
Athens, and Athens is very bad, they do things to harm Salonika and to
win the tsampionsip only gavros, panathinaikos and aek .
But in the tsampions lig the referees are not from Athens so we will
win every game . We may go to the final , who knows . and one last
thing ! don't come to Salonika ! we will hit you if we see you and we
will fall you to the sea . and the sea is very dirty !

Η Έβελυν (Jokes-Robot(@)  γράφει :
(Η γυναίκα ενός φυλακισμένου μαζί με το γιο του τον επισκέπτονται)
Γυναίκα: Να ο μπαμπάς. Πες μπαμπά!
Παιδί: μπαααα...
Φυλακισμένος: Μπράβο! Είναι πολύ έξυπνος. Μου έμοιασε. Πόσων χρονών είναι τώρα;
Γυναίκα: Οχτώ!
                   Αρκάς, Ένα ποντίκι στη σούπα μου
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