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From: Akis Karnouskos (akis(@)
Date: Παρ 24 Απρ 1998 - 15:25:05 EEST

  1. THE TRAMP AND THE TRAIN A tramp was walking down a railroad track when he saw a fast express train speeding toward him. Of course, he jumped off the track. But before he jumped, he ran ten feet toward the tram. Why?
  2. MR. BUSHYHEAD'S PROBLEM Mr. Bushyhead was driving through a strange town when he decided to stop, park his car, and get a haircut. He asked a boy where he could find a barbershop."We have only two barbers in this town," said the boy. "One of them has a shop at the north end of Main Street and the other has a shop at the south end." Mr. Bushyhead walked north on Main Street until he reached one of the barbenshops. It looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in months. Cut hair was all over the floor. The barber himself needed a shave and his haircut looked terrible. Mr. Bushyhead walked in the other direction until he came to the second barbershop. It looked neat and cheerful inside. The floor had been swept. The barber was neatly dressed, freshly shaved, and had a neat haircut. Why did Mr. Bushyhead walk back to the first barbershop to get his haircut?
  3. THE STAR PUZZLE To work on this puzzle you will need four pennies (or buttons, or any four small objects you can use for counters). Put the first penny on any point of the star, then slide it along a straight black line to another star point, and leave it there. Now put a second penny on any vacant star point. Slide it along a black line to another empty point. Do the same with the third and fourth pennies, so that you end with a penny on each of four points. It looks easy, but when you try it you are likely to find that there is no way to place the last penny. For example, suppose you:
  4. Put a penny on A and slide it to C.
  5. Put a penny on B and slide it to D.
  6. Put a penny on B and slide it to E. You can now place the last penny on A or B, but in either case, there is no empty point you can slide it to. It can be done! And there is a secret that will enable you to do the puzzle for your friends, and do it so quickly that they will not be able to remember how you did it!
  7. WHERE AM I GOING? You are a Boy Scout on a hike with your troop. After walking through a small town on your way to Mudville, you reach a spot where two roads cross. A signpost has been knocked over and is lying on its side. None of you knows which road leads to Mudville. Then you remember something that will solve your problem. What do you remember?
  8. THE BALL You are playing a game of Ping-Pong in the back yard of a friend's house. When you miss the ball, it bounces across the lawn and rolls into a small but deep hole. The hole goes down too far for you to reach the ball with your hand, and the hole bends so much to one side that you can't get the ball by poking a stick into the hole. After a few minutes you think of an easy way to get the ball. What did you think of?20

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