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Θέμα: Στα Αγγλικά&Αλυτο...

From: George (@)nagnostopoulos ((@)nagnostopoulos)
Date: Τετ 14 Ιουλ 1999 - 05:08:23 EEST

Σόρρυ που είναι στα αγγλικά αλλά είναι μεγάλο για μετάφραση... και δεν ξέρω και τη λύση...



You walk into a room and see what looks like a pendulum hanging from a hook in the ceiling. The bright white string looks like it might be of woven synthetic fibre.

The weight at the bottom is a cylinder some half meter long and 4cm or so diameter. The string is tied to one end. You cannot discern what it is made of because it is painted (red with black ends).

Being an inquisitive sort of person you disregard the the sign that says "Do not touch" in large threatening letters. You grasp the string and lift slightly, "hmm, feels heavy" you note to yourself. You also note that the string above the point you are hold sags a little while you are supporting the weight. You take your hand away and check nobody is watching you. Nope, good!

Feeling rather bold now and even more intrigued you reach for the weight. What can it be made of? Your hot little hand closes round it and as you try to move it: It jumps out of your hand!

Being a little shocked at this you watch as the weight swings to and fro. Ok, no harm done you say and gathering your wits resolve to try again. This time you hold on as the weight bucks around in your hand.

After some effort you get the weight laying quietly in your hands. You inspect it. Still it is hard to tell just what it is made of.

You now rotate the cylinder so it is horizontal. It is still laying quietly and you still cannot be sure what it is made of.

You lower your hands until the string goes taut. You are astounded to see that when you are no longer supporting the weight it remains horizontal.

Your jaw drops so far it nearly hits the floor. Can this be true? You gaze at it in disbelief. It looks just like this.

    Hook ->       +

Cylinder -> ===========

You walk around it. It just hangs there, not moving.

This has really got you puzzled. You pull up a chair and stand on it so as to reach the hook. You take a coin from your pocket and hold it directly under the hook. When you release it it falls directly downward and strikes the cylinder, approximately in the middle, with a dull 'clink' sound.

Still astounded and fearing someone will catch you meddling: You pick the coin from the floor and put it in your pocket, put the chair back and finally, take hold of the cylinder and rotate it back to the vertical. You steady the pendulum and note the the final small oscillations seem to be dying away.

You quietly leave the room deep in thought.


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