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Θέμα: Dr. Frankenstein -- Η ΑΠΑΝΤΗΣΗ

From: George (@)nagnostopoulos ((@)nagnostopoulos)
Date: Δευ 09 Αυγ 1999 - 06:35:33 EEST

> Not a soul (SOLE) knows (NOSE) if you can (CAN) sell (CELL)
> excess naval (NAVEL) equipment here. I (EYE) don't want to tow
> (TOE) the spare scull (SKULL) I have in vain (VEIN), because that
> would be a waste (WAIST). The poor (pore) sap selling his bucket of
> mussels (MUSCLES) is allowed, but (BUTT) that giant pallet
> (PALATE) of lobster traps is a hazard. Herr (HAIR) Schmidt is
> still waiting for his ankle (ANKLE) to heal (HEEL) after tripping
> over one last month.

Από τα 16:

Η Βούλα Αλεξιάδου βρήκε 13 (και μερικά ακόμα αλλά άσχετα)...

Ο Κωνσταντίνος Ταμπούρης βρήκε 8...

και ο Κόρμπας βρήκε 6...

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