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Θέμα: FW: Quiz... PRASINO E.T. (fwd)

From: Avramidis Georgios (georgios.avramidis(@)
Date: Τρι 28 Ιαν 2003 - 15:37:15 EET

Basika tha tou'dina 500gr alevri me 490gr afidatomeno fagaki gia ta kina mas xrisopsara ( kserete... plankton kai garidoules).
Ta 10 gr pou menoun apo to kilo pou zitaei o magas tha tou ta dina se 15aetias liasmeno pelagitiko xtapodaki, etsi gia na thimate thn ellada.

gia mas kai xara mas :-)
Georgios Avramidis / nln

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