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Θέμα: A funny instance

From: Lillian Isacks (li10(@)
Date: Τετ 01 Νοε 1995 - 10:25:38 EET

Here's a funny site I saw the other day while out jogging--

I heard the fire alarms go off in town and all the fire engines went
howling by, with men in full gear and, of course, the quintessential
Dalmatian dog standing at the ready! After four big trucks passed by (yes,
each one did indeed have the Dalmatian dog standing steady somewhere on the
truck or on the front seat), I noticed a half-size fire engine rambling
along at a steady but rather slow pace. This fire engine had all sorts of
gear and equipment -- probably back-up supplies for the big fire engines?
Anyway, having seen four huge fire engines go blaring by (with Dalmatians),
I was fairly amused by this pint-sized truck slowly making its way to the

And yes, indeed, there was a Dalmatian dog accompanying this fire engine as
well, only like the pint-sized fire engine, this Dalmatian was sort of a
midget-sized Dalmatian (about half-size of the regular Dalmatian dogs).

This seemed very amusing the me at the time, but maybe it's not so funny on
e-mail? Or maybe you'd have to be there...

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