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Θέμα: dialeimma please?

From: Sofia Anagnostopoulou (sofiaa(@)
Date: Δευ 06 Νοε 1995 - 01:24:49 EET

Ama exei perasei h ora, kai an doulevete se unix,
mallon tha sas diaskedasei to arxeio pou akolouthei.


YG Metaksi mas.. tha to protimousa se zesti sokolata..


     NCM(1) (Essential Fluids) NCM(1)

       ncm - new coffee maker

       ncm [ -RadCxmlnogrtucpFbqisf ] [caf|decaf|columbian]

     For each available heating unit, ncm determines if coffee
     exists, is hot, and is not tar(4). If any of these are
     true, the necessary actions are taken to change the
     situation as required, or as specified by the environment
     variable BURNERS. ncp then gathers the necessary material
     and proceeds. The -M option makes coffee in the morning.
     The drinkinfo(4) database is used to determine the blend and
     the amount of caffeine, based on the environment variables
     DRINK, TZ, and the current time. If this information cannot
     be obtained, full strength Maxwell House is assumed.

     The ncm command has many, many more than the following
     options, not all of which are currently supported. Some may
     never be supported. We are really busy here, and we will
     try to get around to it as soon as possible, but Doc is
     breathing down my neck to get something else done, so you
     will just have to be patient!:

      -R Recursively make coffee until all resources are

      -a Generate aroma only.

      -l The same as -n except slower.

      -d Brew decaf. Will not operate before 10:30 am.

      -n The same as -l

      -j Use Jamaica Blue Mountain primo special. This can only
             be executed by coffeadmin.

      -r Reverse the order of brewing to get newest first or
             oldest first as appropriate.

      -v Execute the vgrind(1) program before proceeding for a
             fresher brew.

            ncp -ldm NOW!

      Make lots of coffee now!


       tee(1), coke(1), sync(1).

       The ncm command may be used as a filter.

      For more information see the "Making Good Coffee" section of
        Chapter 10 of the Kitchen Administrator's Guide.

       Ick. I hope not.

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