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Θέμα: Old man sperm count joke.

From: MAKAI (litinai(@)
Date: Τρι 05 Δεκ 1995 - 03:00:27 EET

  This old man goes to see a Doctor to ask him for a sperm count test.
The Doctor said not to be silly. That he was to old to want to have
a sperm count test. The old man kept insisting until the doctor
agreed to give him one. The doctor gives the old man a vile to take
home and bring back the next day. The next day, the old man doesn't
show up. Another day passes and no show. A week passes and finally
the old man come back with the vile. The doctor asks "what happened?"
The old man says "Well doctor, I tried it with my right hand, and I
couldn't. I tried it with my left hand, I couldn't. My wife tried
it with her right hand, she couldn't. She tried it with her left hand,
she couldn't. She tried it with her mouth, she couldn't. Hell, she
even tried it without her teeth and she couldn't. Doctor asks,
"You couldn't ejaculate?". Old man says, "No, we couldn't get the
bottle opened!"

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